Take On Emperor Caligula Himself In Gladiator Bastards For Android

Take On Emperor Caligula Himself In Gladiator Bastards For Android

A few years back, the Spartacus television series rekindled interest in gladiators with its brutal depiction of combat in the arena. Unfortunately, the show has long since run its course, but now a Finnish game company, Frak ltd., has stepped up to fill that void. Their debut title, Gladiator Bastards, is available now from the Play Store, so Android owners can spill the blood of their opponents on the warm sands of the Colosseum. Apple fans won’t have to wait too long to join in on the action either, as an iOS version is planned for this year too.

Gladiator Bastards is a one-on-one tournament fighting game that takes its inspiration from the blistering fast arcade classics, such as Street Fighter II. The developers also opted to make this a full fledged fighting game, so you are actually controlling your gladiator with a virtual joystick and buttons instead of abstract swipes or taps. The game features six different gladiators, two of which are available right off the bat, and they each have their own motivations for entering the arena.

From Steinn, who wants to be the first gay gladiator champion, to Sextus, a scientist from the future on a mission given to him by aliens, these are not your typical fighters! Winning battles in this game earns you coins, which can then be used to unlock the additional characters. The game also features video adverts and the ability to share your replays as optional ways of earning more coins. The real fun, of course, is in the arenas, where you can tear into your opponents using a flurry of kicks, punches and whatever weapon your character is armed with. If you are able to take down your fellow gladiators you will be granted an opportunity to take on the deranged Caesar Caligula himself.

Gladiator Bastards looks and sounds good for a mobile title, but more importantly, it also plays well. Being in full control of your gladiator is definitely more thrilling than other mobile fighting games where almost everything your character does is automated. You need to use the virtual controller to jump, crouch, block or move while the buttons correspond to light and strong attacks as well as throws. The game even features a gauge meter that fills when you attack your opponent and can be used to trigger special moves. We will take a closer look at Gladiator Bastards in our full review, but we definitely recommend that anyone with an interest in gladiators, fighting games, or gory combat check out the game. The developers are also hard at work on upcoming features, such as extra characters, bonus stages, network multiplayer matches and gory single move deaths.

Check out the official Frak ltd website for more information and don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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