Technobabylon – A New Cyberpunk Thriller from Wadjet Eye Coming In Spring 2015

Technobabylon – A New Cyberpunk Thriller from Wadjet Eye Coming In Spring 2015

Whether dealing with spirit mediums, ghosts, secret vaults or even the Miami real estate market, Wadjet Eye Games have a reputation for creating classic point & click style adventures with unique storylines. While their previous title, A Gold Wake, was set in the roaring twenties, their next adventure will be take place much further in the future. Teaming up with indie developer Technocrat, Wadjet Eye will release Technobabylon for PC in Spring 2015.

Staying true to their roots, the game is a point & click adventure that is set in the year 2087. It is a time where genetic engineering is the norm and in true dystopian cyberpunk fashion the city is powered by an omnipresent AI named Central. Human interaction has been replaced by the addictive Trance and an all-seeing CEL police force keeps track of everyone.

The game will feature three playable characters, but only the first have been revealed thus far. His name is Dr. Charlie Regis and he is a geneticist as well as CEL Case Specialist. Check out the screenshots below for a glimpse of the game and the teaser trailer to find out more about Charlie.

The other two character leads, Dr. Max Lao and Latha Sesame will still be introduced before the release of the game. Although initially planned as series of freeware episode, three of which have already been released, the story and gameplay of Technobabylon have been revamped for its commercial release. Original developer, James Dearden, teamed up with Wadjet Eye Games to make this happen and the game will feature new pixel arty by Ben Chandler as well as professional voice acting.

To stay updated about the game check out the official website as well as the Wadjet Eye dev blog. It might also be a good idea to follow Wadjet Eye Games on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Singingshroom January 8, 2015

    First thought in my head when I looked at the screenshots – BENEATH A STEEL SKY!- Definitely anticipating this game.

    • Rummer82 January 8, 2015

      “It’s WHEEZING and BANGING… Like an asthmatic DINOSAUR in the MATING season” Still the best description of anything in ANY P&C game EVER!

    • Fhilosaraptor January 8, 2015

      BASS was good, but I have always had a soft spot for Innocent Until Caught when it comes to dystopian futuristic adventure games 😉

  2. fearyofaces January 8, 2015

    Nevermind 2048 I wish Wadjeteye games would join us in 2015 and create games with modern art.

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