Ten Questions With… JianYi Tsai (CreAct Games)

Ten Questions With… JianYi Tsai (CreAct Games)

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A while back we checked out Neverinth, an ambitious roguelike that draws inspiration from the “Soulsborne” series. The game is currently in early access, but it is already obvious that CreAct Games, the indie team working on the game, has big plans. We were eager to find out more about Neverinth and thankfully CreAct Games were gracious enough to provide us with some answers.

Can you give our readers a quick introduction of yourself and the studio?

大家好,我是JianYi Tsai, 或者可以直接叫我Alex,團隊的負責人,我喜歡老遊戲以及新技術.我們團隊來自台灣的遊戲業界以及動畫業界,希望能做出人人都喜歡的3D動作遊戲。


Hello everyone, I am JianYi Tsai, or call me Alex, the leader of the team, I like retro games and new technologies. Our team comes from the game industry in Taiwan and the animation industry, hoping to make 3D actions that everyone likes.

I would also like to introduce our game director RVX and art director Carol. RVX is responsible for the game system, motion design and level design based on the 3D random dungeon. Carol is a great visual artist leader, she boost the appearance of the 3D random dungeon and take care of our community. In addition, we have a hard-working team and an art team. Without everybody’s efforts and dedication, this game would never have happened.

How did the idea for Neverinth come about?

我們喜歡動作遊戲,比如Falcom的YS系列,Sega黃金時代的SpikeOut, Konami的惡魔城系列,到

Capcom的Monster Hunter系列以及From Software的Soul系列等,都有廣泛的涉獵.





We like action games, from Falcom’s YS series, Sega Golden Age’s SpikeOut, Konami’s Castlevania series, to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series and From Software’s Soul series are widely used. In reviewing the reasons for the rise and fall of these action games, it is found that the “replayability of the action” will be the key to the next development. Only replayability. In order to continue to expand the content, in order to interact with Streamer, I decided to try to create in the way of the action + Roguelike.

Let the player play the environment repeatedly. The goal is to make 3D action games that people want to play and replay, and like the series, refer to the player’s opinions and gradually put them into various gameplays to create a “battle temple” that can accommodate various action games.

What has been the biggest challenge so far while creating something as ambitious as Neverinth?

延續剛才”動作遊戲耐玩性”的前提,要把3D 本格Action Game與Roguelike成功結合,需要一個
根據3D Act打造的暫時成長系統與永久成長系統.暫時成長讓玩家在每一回合中享受快速變
當團隊有人提議以北歐神話為背景時,我就想做一個以”英靈殿”為主題的遊戲,在人類歷史中,只有”英靈殿”是以戰鬥為目的而打造的宮殿.所有在裡面的戰士可以盡情磨練戰鬥技巧,就算不幸戰死也可重生.然而歷史上對於” 英靈殿”的敘述不多,因此才將之與北歐神話另一個重要符號生命之樹的九大界結合,試圖打造一個不斷變異的”迷宮宮殿”

Continuing the premise of “action game playability”, the successful combination of 3D native Action Game and Roguelike requires a temporary growth system and permanent growth system based on 3D Act. Temporary growth allows players to enjoy rapid changes in each round. Strong pleasure, with the grace system as the center and skill growth, combined with various weapons and equipment, players can enjoy the random set of action play.

The various genre pleasures brought together; in addition, in the permanent growth of this invention, the “totem system”, after the player character dies, can bring back the crystallization of the monster, and install these crystals into the totem, which can strengthen the basic ability of the character at the start of the game. You can freely build your own totems according to your needs to support the genre gameplay.

In addition, we also spent a lot of energy on the 3D random maze. In the past, Roguelike was 2D. We used various methods to create a technical solution that can randomly generate a 3D maze and have a good performance in fine art performance. Will work hard to improve their gameplay and beauty.

When the team proposed to use the Nordic mythology as the background, I wanted to make a game with the theme of “Valhalla”. In the history of mankind, only the “Valhalla” is a palace built for the purpose of fighting. All in it. Warriors can hone their fighting skills. Even if they die, they can be reborn. However, there are not many description about the “Valhalla” in history, so we combine it with the nine world of the Nordic mythology, another important symbol of the Yggdrasil. Create a constantly changing “maze palace”

However, to achieve this goal, it is almost impossible for us to have a team of less than 10 people. I hope that through the mechanism of EA, we can make things slowly.

What is your favorite aspect of the game and why?


Space design combined with gameplay.
I have always been a crazy fan of Zelda and the Metroidvania genre, but I have been working on action-oriented projects until I came into contact with the dark soul generation and found the inspiration of the combination of the two. The traditional action game focuses on the thrill of the trick. The battle of the Dark Soul combined with the level of the terrain, can greatly expand the adventure elements beyond the battle while retaining the battle. This spatial design can be further modularized to produce a large number of random but interesting levels. In the end, I hope to develop techniques that randomly generate dark soul level levels. This is my goal.
While RVX focuses on the feel and gameplay of action games, he breaks up a lot of gameplay into Lego-like parts, allowing players to combine different gameplays.

Please tell us more about the unique designs that were chosen for the characters in this game.


Each heroine is a historical figure from all time and space.
Encountering the challenge that mortals can’t bear, but their strong will overcame.
This is why they were Summoned to Valhalla.
However, this is another beginning of suffering. They must pass the trial to obtain the qualification of Valkyrie.
When we finish the game to a certain extent, we will start to make the narrative part, let the players know the past of these heroines and the truth of the trial.

What is it that sets Neverint apart from other titles in the genre?


Neverinth is one of the few games that combines 3DAct and Roguelike. In order to balance the game generation technology with the fun of the game, we use 3DTile to make the room. This will bring great restrictions to the art, but combined with the enemy design that is closely combined with the terrain. We can make a lot of interesting rooms easier. In addition, the various areas of the Hall of the Spirit and the nine major circles, as well as the female martial arts candidates from all time and space are also features of the game.

What has your experience with Steam Early Access been like so far?


Frankly, there is no way to fill your stomach.
But everyone’s feedback makes us work hard to make it
I hope everyone can support us and have the opportunity to finish the game.

What are the future plans for Neverinth / CreAct Games?


First, we will optimize the experience based on your feedback.
Of course we will work hard to add content
New levels, new Boss, new props, weaponry, etc.
Whether the game’s exquisiteness or richness will get better and better
Stay tuned!

What is the most unusual thing on your desk right now?

比方說寶可夢之父田尻智在業餘時代製作的同人誌Game Freak或是古老的遊戲攻略本”All about Namco”之類

I will put some retro game-related books on my table to make me feel nostalgic when I work.
For example, the legendary Tajiri Satoshi’s doujinshi magazine “Game Freak” made in his amateur era, or the old game guide “All about Namco”
When I was young, it was forbidden to play games at home, so the habit of reading the guides was left to the present.

Anything else you would like to add?


I think that’s all, thanks!

We want to thank everyone at CreAct Games for this opportunity to find out more about Neverinth and how much hard work the small, but dedicated team is putting into it. Check out our Early Access Preview for Neverinth and head over to Steam to purchase a copy if you haven’t already.

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