Wings of War London Squadron Out Now On Android

If you like your top-down shooters, fast, frantic and a lot of fun then don’t miss out on Wings of War – London Squadron, which is out now on Android. Players get to strap into the cockpit of a propeller-driven aircraft and are tasked with fighting Hitler’s secret Nazi super weapons. The aerial dogfighting takes place over the city of London and in this 360° shooter death can come from any direction.

Although London Squadron is set during World War II, it uses an alternate timeline where reality mixes with fantasy for some interesting results. As the leader of the famous London Squadron you are up against overwhelming odds, which makes for some epic air battles. With planes, bombers and even zeppelins coming at you from across the canal you are going to need an itchy trigger finger and some evasive maneuvering skills if you want to survive.

The Android version of London Squadron is free with ads, although you can pay a once off $0.99 fee to get rid of all ads. Shooting down enemies rewards you with upgrade points, which can then be used to improve your plane in crucial areas, such as hull strength, boost power and gun damage. We briefly took the game for a spin and thanks to the intuitive tilt controls were blasting Nazis to bits in no time. Besides firing your guns, you can also launch missiles, perform barrel rolls, execute boosts and even pull off U-turns, all with the tap of a button. Even in the heat of battle, with bullets flying all over the place, the controls feel responsive and natural, which is crucial for a top-down shooter. In addition to the crisp visuals the game also features a standout soundtrack by the band A Dolphin and Clandestine Monarchy, which really fits the action.

We will be taking a closer look at Wings of War – London Squadron, but can already recommend the game to anyone yearning for some top-down shooting action on the go. Desktop versions of the game for Mac, Linux and Windows are also available from the official website for the price of $1.99 for those who prefer playing on a big screen using a keyboard or controller. Check out the trailer below then visit the official website for more information and follow OneManGameStudio on Facebook or Twitter.

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