nWay Releases Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Season 4 Trailer

nWay Releases Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Season 4 Trailer

Since its release, Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid has continued to thrill fans of the franchise with brand new content. Earlier this year, the game’s already deep roster of characters was expanded with the release of the Street Fighter Pack. This pack added the iconic Street Fighter characters, Ryu and Chun-Li, to the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid lineup. However, nWay is far from done with the game as they have recently unveiled the first details on Season 4.

For Season 4, players can look forward to three brand new characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Dino Charge. These will be added to the game over the next few months on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In addition to the new characters, Season 4 also features a skin exclusive to the bundle and a new Gravezord Summon that will be a free download for all players. Check out the details for the Season 4 content below, and be sure to watch the trailer to see the new characters in action. In addition to purchasing Season 4 for $14,99, players can also purchase individual characters for $5.99 each instead.

  • Adam Park – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Releasing September 21st
    Originally a student at Stone Canyon, Adam impressed Zordon and the other Rangers with his martial arts prowess and has served as both the Black Ranger and Green Zeo Ranger. His fluid fighting style blends lightning-quick strikes with cunning warps that put him in the perfect position for combos or mix ups to keep opponents off balance. Actor Johnny Yong Bosch will reprise his on-screen role of Adam Park in the game!
  • Poisandra – Power Rangers Dino Charge – Releasing November
    An ancient bounty hunter who’s over 65 million years old, Poisandra is a sweet and deadly mix of power and grace. While not a pure villain, Poisandra and her husband Sledge have crossed paths with the Rangers numerous times in the pursuit of their bounties. She punishes opponents with her heart-shaped lance and booby-trapped sweets, with her husband Sledge offering several assist moves.
  • Rita Repulsa – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Releasing December
    She is an evil master of magic bent on conquering the universe. Earth has resisted her goal for millennia, thanks to Zordon and the Rangers. Rita surveils the planet from the Moon Palace and hatches schemes with Lord Zedd, her partner in villainy and romance.
  • Helmetless Doggie Anubis Cruger Skin
    Fight as Anubis Cruger wearing his iconic formal helmetless attire from Power Rangers: SPD. This skin is exclusive to the Season 4 bundle.
  • New Gravezord Summon
    The Gravezord first appeared in Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9 comic book, published by BOOM! Studios. It was cobbled together from damaged and destroyed Zords from the World of the Coinless, a dimension ravaged by Ranger Slayer and Lord Drakkon, where surviving Rangers hold out without the aid of their Power Coins. This will be a free download for all players.


For more information, visit the official Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid website or give nWay a follow on Twitter.

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