3 Ways To Make Money From Gaming

3 Ways To Make Money From Gaming

Being able to make money from gaming or your pop culture hobby can seem like it’s the perfect career for you. After all, you have already developed a love for what you do and have the passion, right?

Much like with anything you do for fun, having to do it to generate an income can have the potential to take all the fun from it. But if you want to pursue turning your hobby into a viable income and making a career from doing what you enjoy, you have a few options to follow in the footsteps of many people who have done this before you.

These posts look at some of your options for making money from your favourite pastime.

Get Paid For Streaming

You probably already know your options when it comes to streaming and making money. The aim is to build a large following of people watching you play games on Twitch or via YouTube. From here, you can monetize with ads or sponsors, or you can set up subscriptions or add ways for people to donate to keep you funded. This isn’t going to be easy or happen overnight, and you will need to find your niche and audience to slot into. But if you have or are currently cultivating an engaged audience, this is an excellent option for you to choose to make some extra cash.

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Product or Game Development

All you need is one good idea. Then, from here, you can look at bringing this idea to life, whether you want to create your own video game or turn your idea into a board game, for example. Video game development is a highly lucrative career, and if you have the knowledge, qualifications and skills to not only play the games but build them up from scratch, you can forge a great career in this industry. Aside from creating video games, your options include moving into gamified technology applications, which is a booming industry right now.
If you would rather develop a physical product, then you need to have a great game idea and the ability to test it on many people before rolling it out to an audience. Whether you develop a board game similar to Monopoly or you head more down the D&D route, it’s entirely up to you. From here, you can use crowdfunding platforms to help you sell your game and a board game marketing company that can help you reach your desired audience. Both of these can take time, experience and qualifications to reach a point where you can make it into a career, but it is still a viable option.

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Gaming Content

Content creators come in many different styles, and if you have a unique voice and talent for creating written or visual content people enjoy seeing, then you can move into making this your new profession. You can become a blogger, a content creator for social media or train to become a games journalist or graphic designer. Wherever your talents lie outside of playing the game itself can be helpful in helping you find the career path for you.

Gaming can not only be a fun hobby but a way to help you generate an income that can support your lifestyle. You need to think hard about whether or not you will still love doing it if you have to rely on it to make money, but if you think you can still enjoy what you do even when you need to do it, then this can be a great way to carry on with your passion and find a job you want to do.

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