Beat Stress By Playing Games

Beat Stress By Playing Games

Everyone has their own way of coping with stress. Some people like to exercise to help them cope, others might prefer to talk it out. But one stress-busting method you might not have thought of before is playing games.

That’s right, playing games could provide the ultimate stress relief! They help engage your brain in a different way while giving you the perfect opportunity to shut off from the world for a bit. Whether you like to play video games or try something involving some brain power, playing games could be your ideal way to beat stress.

So how does it work? Read on and learn more about beating stress by playing games.

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How does playing games help beat stress?

Gaming can actually help you beat stress in a lot of different ways. For a start, video games help release dopamine, which helps you feel good after a sense of achievement. While some people may get a dopamine surge after completing a run or accomplishing a task, people who enjoy gaming may experience this same feeling while playing games. There is a lot of research on video games and addiction and the impact games can have on seeking that dopamine rush, but as long as gaming stays healthy and doesn’t become excessive, it can make an effective stress-relief tool. You need to be aware of why you game and how much, so you can stop gaming from becoming a problem in itself.

Some of the other ways games help you beat stress include:

They focus your brain elsewhere

Video games provide a good distraction, helping to focus your brain away from what’s causing you to feel stressed. Many people like to unwind at the end of a tough day by playing games, making it a great alternative to seeking unhealthy vices like alcohol.

If you’re struggling at work or you’re beginning to lose focus on your studies, why not take a 10-minute break to help give you a distraction, before you go back to what you were doing? Spider Solitaire is a great game for this. You could also play at the end of the day during your commute home, helping you to switch off so you can enjoy the rest of the day.

They can be rewarding

Video games can be very rewarding, with instant feelings of satisfaction while playing. A lot of stress can come from the pressure to complete tasks and get things done, and feeling frustrated when that goal isn’t met, but when you play games, the rewards are generally faster. This means you’ll feel a sense of achievement quicker, which could help you feel a little more in control of things.

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They can provide a social element

Games are a fantastic way to socialise. They allow you to connect with friends and family, which is one of the biggest benefits of playing games. You may not want to talk about your feelings or dive into your day at work, but playing games will give you that social connection that will help you relax and give you some interactions you can enjoy. As long as gaming doesn’t lead to arguments and further stress, the social element can be really rewarding.

Playing games can be a useful way of beating stress, which is why so many people enjoy gaming. Provided it’s done in a way where the gaming itself doesn’t cause stress, it could be an effective way of switching off after a tough day.

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