Between Horizons Releasing March 25, 2024

Between Horizons Releasing March 25, 2024

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer DigiTales Interactive have announced the imminent release of their highly anticipated narrative-driven game, Between Horizons, for PC.

Players embark on a thrilling journey aboard the Zephyr, a spacecraft bound for a distant star, where they assume the role of Stella, the newly appointed Chief of Security. The game is set against a thought-provoking sci-fi narrative backdrop and challenges players to unravel a conspiracy threatening the ship’s social order and mission success.

This 2.5D pixel art adventure emphasizes branching narratives, exploration, and detective work. As players navigate the Zephyr, they must utilize their investigative skills to solve onboard problems and make decisions that shape the overarching storyline. From collecting clues to confronting fellow passengers, every choice carries weight and consequences, contributing to a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

Between Horizons also features an innovative evidence system. It allows players to confront suspects with connected evidence while exploring moral dilemmas and ethical choices within a captivating sci-fi setting. The game’s stunning pixel art, 3D environments, and compelling visual effects contribute to the unique gaming experience.

Perhaps most intriguingly, Between Horizons embraces the concept of failure as a legitimate outcome. An autosave ensures no going back, so every decision matters, and players must live with the consequences of their actions. With branching storylines and multiple endings based on player choices, the game promises a deeply immersive and replayable experience.

Between Horizons is scheduled to launch for PC via Steam on March 25th, 2024, with a console version slated for release later in the year. Players can dive into the free demo available on Steam to get a preview of the adventure that awaits aboard the Zephyr.

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