Bundle Stars Brings Back Bundle Fest In A Big Way

Bundle Stars Brings Back Bundle Fest In A Big Way

What is better than a brand new bundle? How about two weeks of bundles! That’s right, much to the chagrin of bank managers and spouses around the world, Bundle Stars are back with another Bundle Fest. Starting today and continuing until Friday 25th September, bundle fans can look forward to a new Steam game bundle every day. Bundle Stars seem determined to surpass their previous two Bundle Fests, with discounts of up to 98% off.

It’s not just brand new, never-seen-before bundles that will be making an appearance during Bundle Fest 3, but some of the highly requested previous bundles will also make a return. This is a great opportunity for anyone who missed out before to get their hands on some great deals. However, don’t dawdle as each bundle will only be available for a limited time.

Kicking things off is the Game Makers Mega Bundle, which is every bit as epic as the name suggests. It offers a great selection of game creation software for Steam, which means there is no more excuses for not making your own RPG or First Person Adventure. The bundle features 18 Steam keys in total, which amounts to a saving of over $450. RPG Maker VX Ace and GameGuru are both included in the bundle along with a wealth of DLC resources.

Keep an eye on the official Bundle Stars website for the daily bundles as well as a range of store deals.

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