Bus Simulator 21 Announced For PC and Consoles

Bus Simulator 21 Announced For PC and Consoles

It’s been two years since we first drove a bus through the streets of Seaside Valley in Bus Simulator 18, which means a sequel is definitely due. Thankfully, Astragon Entertainment and Stillalive Studios also agrees with this assessment and have recently announced a successor. The game will be released on PC, Playstation 4, And Xbox One in 2021, and will be aptly titled Bus Simulator 21. They have also not ruled out the possibility of making the game compatible with the upcoming generation of consoles, so more news on that front might still be in the cards.

Bus Simulator 18 did a lot of things right, but there were also a few areas that could be improved as we mentioned in our review (http://gameramble.com/Bus-Simulator-18-PC-Review). Bus Simulator 21 promises to be even more comprehensive and from the sound of it fans are in for a treat. The game will once again feature officially licensed and faithfully modeled buses, with Alexander Dennis revealed so far. It will also see some historical firsts for the series, such as the inclusion of a double decker and electric buses.

Players who enjoyed their time in Seaside Valley will be glad to hear that it will return in reworked form, complete with its official map extension. However, players looking to roam beyond the European based city can also expect a brand new US-American setting. Called the city of “Angel Shores” it took its inspiration from the San Francisco Bay Area and can be explored than to the new and even freer open-world approach of the game.

One of our favorite parts of Bus Simulator 18 was the cooperative multiplayer mode, which is set to return in Bus Simulator 21. Players will once more be able to team up to create a joint public transport empire and drive the routes that they create together. Refinements to the sophisticated management systems are also promised to provide even more freedom than before. Of course, players who prefer the pleasure of driving around instead of micromanaging the whole company can simply leave the logistics to the AI.

Mira Tannhauser, the virtual mentor from Bus Simulator 18 will also be returning for the sequel to help guide players through the world of public transport. Bus Simulator 21 won’t just have campaigns either, but also numerous random events and side tasks in addition to a sandbox mode. It certainly sounds like the game is on the right track to take the series to new heights. There’s still plenty of time before the game releases in 2021, but in the meantime check out the official announcement trailer below and check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord for more information.

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