Create Your Own Shopping Paradise With Shopping Center Tycoon

Create Your Own Shopping Paradise With Shopping Center Tycoon

Do you think you have what it takes to run your own successful shopping center? Shopping Center Tycoon from indiegame studio, DreamsSoftGames, is your chance to find out. It is a free tycoon game for Android where you begin on the ground floor of a large building and slowly turn it into a prestigious shopping center. Initially you’ll only have access to some clothing and snacks to lure in the clientèle, but as you progress you’ll gain access to more elusive brands and products.

Shopping Center Tycoon is viewed from a side-on perspective and features vibrant, 2D artwork. Placing items in your shopping center is as easy as dragging and dropping, which makes it a breeze to customize the available space. Although you start out with only one floor, new floors are unlocked as you progress, so you can continually expand your shopping empire. Of course, you’ll have to fill this space with restaurants, beauty products, jewelry, technology and much more if you want to keep the customers to spend their hard earned cash. Eventually you’ll also be able to hire staff to work in your shopping center as shop assistants, storekeepers, cleaning staff and so on.

In addition to the management aspect of the game, where you choose what to buy, where to place it and which brands to stock, you’ll also have to tap on potential customers to get them to part with their money. This gives the game somewhat of a clicker feel as well and will keep you on your toes at all times. You can even visit other shopping centers to take a peek at the competition as you compete for a world ranking. The most important thing is to have fun and keep your customers happy. According to the developers, future updates will add even more features, such as the ability to hire bus and subway lines, control the air conditioning, investor and building inspector visits, celebrity visits and much more.

Shopping Center Tycoon is available free of charge for Android, although a PC version for Steam is also in the works. The game features in-app purchases for currency, but these can also be earned simply by playing or watching adverts. Check out the screenshots and video below and visit the official website for more information. We will be doing a full review of Shopping Center Tycoon soon, but can definitely recommend it as a relaxing way to kill some time on Android.

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