Cursed Legacy Chapter Coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile

Cursed Legacy Chapter Coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile

Some good news for fans of the asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer hit, Deady by Daylight, who prefer playing the mobile version of the game. Behaviour Interactive has announced that the Cursed Legacy Chapter will arrive next week with a new killer and new survivor.

The samurai-inspired Cursed Legacy chapter features a killer known as The Oni and a survivor named Yui Kimura. The Oni was once trained by his father, a legendary samurai, but lacked the honor needed to embrace the way of the warrior. Instead, he had an unforgiving need to kill and torture, which made him the perfect candidate to be recruited by The Entity. Now the Oni stalks his victims with kanabō and katana in hand to satisfy his cruel and insatiable needs.

The survivor for this chapter, Yui Kimura, was raised in the purest Japanese tradition by her father, but also has her rebellious side. This has resulted in her becoming one of Japan’s best street racers but was never seen again after a wrong turn through the fog one evening.

Mobile players have more to look forward to next week than just these new characters. The two maps that make up Crotus Prenn Asylum, Disturbed Ward, and Father Campbell’s Chapel, are also getting an overhaul. The developers have promised that the lighting and textures have been reworked on mobile, which will improve the gameplay and make for better overall player experience. If that weren’t enough mobile players are also getting access to the new Summer Camp collection. This collection features brand new outfits for Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, The Nurse, and The Trapper.

For players who are not familiar with the mobile version of the game, it offers a similar gameplay experience to what fans are used to on PC and console. However, the developers have made sure that the mobile version has intuitive controls that are suited to the platform. It’s not doing too badly for itself either with more than 8 million downloads worldwide on iOS and Android since it launched in April of 2020. Check out the official website for more information.

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