Dark Nights With Poe And Munro Just Around The Corner

Dark Nights With Poe And Munro Just Around The Corner

D’Avekki Studios have already proven that they know a thing or two about creating compelling FMV games with titles like The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and The Shapeshifting Detective. Both these games had us hooked, so needless to say that we’ve been looking forward to their next release. Thankfully, the wait isn’t that long anymore as their new supernatural thriller, Dark Nights with Poe and Munro, is just around the corner.

Fans of The Shapeshifting Detective will remember Poe and Munro, the two local radio hosts. Players could hear their soothing voices on the radio and interact with them while investigating the strange happenings in the quiet town of August. Dark Nights With Poe and Munro will see the duo take center stage as players help them to tackle six unique mysteries on and off the air. From a nightmare stalker and vengeful ghost to a demonic painting that grants wishes, it sounds like these two could give Mulder and Scully a run for their money when it comes to paranormal happenings. It will be up to players to direct the banter and the action while doing their best to keep Poe and Munro together, and alive.

According to D’Avekki Studios, the game will feature six simultaneously released, fully interactive episodes with almost five hours of full-screen HD video. The game will have hundreds of branches as well as alternate endings while an intuitive point and click timed hot-spot interface is used for playing. This means that players will have to click disappearing hotspots to choose what happens while exploring the town of August and talking to the locals.

It’s great to see Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard stepping back into their roles from The Shapeshifting Detective and a special guest appearance by Aislinn De’ath is also promised. Dark Nights With Poe and Munro also has guest voiceovers that include David Homb, who starred in 1995’s Phantasmagoria as Donald Gordon.

Dark Nights With Poe and Munro is releasing on Steam for PC and Mac on the 19th of May 2020. Check out the official launch trailer below and then head on over to the Steam store to add the game to your wishlist. We also recommend giving D’Avekki Studios a follow on Twitter to stay up to date check out their official website. We really enjoyed both The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and The Shapeshifting Detective so keep an eye out for our Dark Nights with Poe and Munro review in the near future.

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