Eternal Maze Out Now On iOS And Android

Eternal Maze Out Now On iOS And Android

As we near the end of the year it is easy to overlook some hidden gems and Eternal Maze by FredBear Games definitely falls into this category. This 2D pixel puzzle adventure was recently released for both iOS and Android as a premium title, but don’t let its cute looks fool you. The game places you in control of a hapless farmer who wanders into his corn fields one day only to discover that aliens have turned them into an endless maze. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the guard dogs patrolling the fields have also been turned against you by the alien meddlers. Escaping won’t be easy, but the fate of the world might depend on it.

The first chapter of Eternal Maze is available at the moment, with two more chapters coming soon. Each chapter will have their own scenes and themes, with a total of 36 levels planned in total. Your main goal in Eternal Maze is avoiding foes and making your way to the mysterious beacons that warp you to the next level, but exploration is also encouraged. This is because the mazes are also home to buried treasure, but you will have to hunt down the map pieces pointing you in the right direction first.

We will cover Eternal Maze more in-depth in our upcoming review, but suffice to say it is the perfect time killer for mobile devices. The retro pixel visuals pack a lot of charm and the controls are responsive enough that you can guard your farmer through the mazes with precision. The different items that are scattered throughout the mazes can either help you or hinder you while other elements, such as the pipes and holes that must be navigated, prevents things from being too easy. If you find yourself stuck in a long queue or looking for a distraction from all the chaos around you over this holiday season we suggest checking out Eternal Maze. For more information, view the trailer below or visit the official website. Eternal Maze also has its own Facebook page, so go show your support if you enjoy the game.

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