Evergate Getting A Steam Release

Evergate Getting A Steam Release

PQube and developer Stone Lantern Games have announced that Evergate will be getting a PC release via Steam. The game is already out on Nintendo Switch and has been receiving rave reviews for its unique align-to-shoot mechanic, the Soulflame. It requires players to aim and fire at fire crystals that are found throughout the environments to harness their mysterious powers to solve challenging puzzles.

Evergate is the story of two kindred spirits on a journey through the beautiful and haunting afterlife as they guide a child-like soul named Ki. Playing through the game allows players to learn more about the life Ki lived as well as her mysterious connection to another soul.

The dream-like art style of Evergate is another aspect of the game that has been captivating players on Switch. Now, PC players can also look forward to experiencing the gorgeous environmental backdrops and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. Evergate also features an elegantly orchestrated original soundtrack, which was recorded by a live orchestra.

The Steam store page for Evergate is already up, so be sure to wishlist the game. It will officially be released on the 1st of September, 2020. In the meantime, check out Stone Lantern Games on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit as well as their Discord server for more information about Evergate. The latest extended gameplay video can also be seen below.

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