Digital Version Of The Galaxy Of Trian Board Game Incoming

Digital Version Of The Galaxy Of Trian Board Game Incoming

Players will soon be able to choose a race, explore the galaxy and gather resources in the upcoming digital version of Galaxy of Trian. Based on the original strategy board game, the digital version will be available as a free-to-play title on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Web. The game will not only feature cross-platform play across all of these formats, but also offer multiple game modes that cater to both solo and multi-player.

The game is being made by independent studio Other Games Ltd. In association with Creative Maker LLC. According to the Studio Director on Galaxy of Trian, Piotr Zygadlo, the goal is to bring the experience to as many people as possible. He added that the team love the tactile feel and camaraderie of the traditional board game, but thanks to the different game modes in the digital version, players can experience Galaxy of Trian alone, with a friend next to them or even friends on the other side of the world.

The Galaxy of Trian strategy board game was a Kickstarter success that managed to raise $130,396 over its thirty day campaign. The digital version will offer players the chance to choose between four different races and then play against others as they lay claim to undiscovered areas of the galaxy. Players will have to face a series of battles as they compete for galactic supremacy. Included in the single player mode will be custom matches against AI as well as a full campaign. Multiplayer offers players the chance to take part in hot-seat matches, where everyone takes turns sharing one device. Online play will also be possible via server mode, where players can square off against friends or challenge opponents of a similar skill level using matchmaking. A complex ranking system is also planned for the game.

Check out the trailer for the game below and visit the official website for more information about Galaxy of Trian.


  1. infernalis July 10, 2015

    The fact that this will be free to play saddens me. I would much rather it be a premium title instead of getting fleeced through micro-transactions. I hope that I am proving wrong and the devs make ethical use of the model as it is a good license.

  2. Piotr July 13, 2015


    As a developer I assure you, that f2p is planned in a completely ethical manner. There are no plans to alter game in any manner. Micro-transaction will be used in meta game where you will be able to change avatars or skins with them (because it wouldn’t be right to ask for $1 for an avatar).

    Another thing are additions to the main game. As there are around 6 of them in plans, we will ask players to support us with their money if they want to play those additions.

    I really hope you guys will find it fair.


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