Gentle Love Jazzes Up Video Game Battle Themes With Fight For Your Dreams Album

Gentle Love Jazzes Up Video Game Battle Themes With Fight For Your Dreams Album

We’ve certainly had our fair share of video game battles keeping us up way past bedtime, but never before have they lulled us to sleep. Games like Mega Man 2, Final Fantasy IV, Yoshi’s Island, Dark Souls and Super Metroid not only feature challenging enemies, but also some adrenaline pumping tunes to back up the action. Now, in an ironic twist, the battle themes from these same games could just be what is needed to get a restful night of sleep. If this sounds rather implausible, then clearly you are not familiar with the Prescription For Sleep series by GENTLE LOVE.

Consisting of Norihiko Hobino on saxophone and Ayaki Sato (AYAKI) on piano, GENTLE LOVE already has a string of great albums behind their name. Hibini-san is certainly no stranger to video games as his discography includes work on titles such as the Metal Gear Solid series, Zone of the Enders series and Bayonetta titles, while AYAKI was a performer on Etrian Odyssey and PersonaQ. Previous releases in the Prescription for Sleep range include Game Music Lullabies, Game Music Lullabies Volume II and Lullabies of Mana.

This latest release, Fight for Your Dreams, is the sixth release in the series and offers listeners jazzy lullaby versions of the battle themes from a couple of popular games. Consisting of twelve tracks and close to an hour and twenty minutes in length, the album certainly has a very unique and laid back sound. The video games covered include Final Fantasy XV, Mega Man 2, Undertale, Chrono Cross, Ys III, Dark Souls, Raystorm as well as Super Metroid. Interestingly enough, it also features a track titled “Autobot-Decepticon Battle” based on Transformers: The Movie. Fans of GENTLE Love will also be pleased by the inclusion of “In A Better Place,” an original track by the group. The producer of this album is Jayson Napolitano.

While we are not music critics, we can certainly appreciate good music and Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams is packed with it. In fact, even listeners who are not necessarily fans of jazz will enjoy the mellow vibe of this album, as will those who are unfamiliar with the original songs. However, fans of the genre who have played the games being covered will get the biggest kick out of this album. You don’t have to take our word for it either, head on over to Bandcamp and listen to the album to hear what we mean. Those who enjoy the album can purchase it for $10 from Bandcamp. The price includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app along with high quality downloads in a variety of formats. Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams is also available on iTunes and Spotify. The music label behind this release is Scarlet Moon Productions, so go give them a follow on Twitter to stay on top of future releases.

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