Iratus: Lord of the Dead Major DLC Out Now

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Major DLC Out Now

Earlier this year Iratus: Lord of the Dead was released and enjoyed a positive reception by fans of tactical roguelike RPGs. The publisher, Daedalic Entertainment, and developer, Unfrozen, has also revealed the first extensive DLC for the game, which goes live today. The DLC, titled Wrath of the Necromancer, should be up on Steam,, and other PC stores by the time that you are reading this and sells for $14.99.

Wrath of the Necromancer is a major DLC that expands the main game with plenty of new content. It adds a whole new sixth floor to the game world along with a new ending for Iratus after defeating the final boss. The DLC also adds new bosses along with regular enemies on all the floors to provide the necromancer with even more challenges. To even out the odds a little, the DLC also presents players with the opportunity to craft two new minions from the body-parts of their foes. Other new additions include many new skins for the necromancer’s trusty subordinates, more potions to concoct as well as several additional items and artifacts. All in all, it sounds like Wrath of the Necromancer offers more than enough content to entice fans back into the game.

Players who have yet to experience can take advantage of the brand new Necromancer Edition. This bundle consists of the main game, the DLC as well as the Supporter Pack for $4.97. Check out the trailer for Wrath of the Necromancer below, and then head to your favorite online store to purchase your copy.

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