Kawaii Box – August 2016

Kawaii Box – August 2016

Kawaii Box is a subscription box featuring 10-12 hand-picked items from Japan and Korea. As the name suggests, all the items in the box are selected to be as kawaii (cute) as possible. All of the items in the box are kept secret, so it makes for a great monthly surprise if you love all things cute. One of the things that we really love about the Kawaii Box, apart from the cute content, is the fact that shipping is absolutely free. International shipping can really inflate the price of some subscription boxes, but Kawaii Box offers free shipping to anywhere on the planet. The price is also very reasonable with a one and three month plan that starts at $19.80 per month, 6 month plan at $18.80 per month and a one year plan at 17.90 per month.

The boxes are shipped at the end of each month can include everything from beauty accessories and stationary to plushies, candy and more. Subscribing to the Kawaii Box also grants you an automatic entry into their Kawaii Megabox raffle, valued over $100. We had the opportunity to check out the September 2016 Kawai Box, so without further ado let’s delve inside.

The Box

As befitting something called a Kawaii Box, our package arrived adorned with purple hearts and the Kawaii Box logo. It took a bit of a beating on its trip halfway across the world, but the contents arrived safely and nicely packed. Flipping open the box reveals a cute Kawaii Box thank you note with the contents of the box listed on the reverse. If you want the items in the box to be a surprise we suggest not looking at the back of the note. Pulling back the tissue paper reveals the contents of the box, which for this month, included 12 items.

Cute Animal Stationary Set

The first thing that we pulled out of the Kawaii Box was this cute animals stationary set. It is a sealed packet that includes four pencils, printed with cute designs, one eraser, one pencil sharpener and two pencil caps. We received the blue set that features cute bears, but judging by the Blippo website there is also a pink variation with bunnies on. This set is great for anyone who want to brighten up their school or office environment.

Kracie Dodotto Octopus Eggs DIY Candy

Next up was the only edible item in the box, but it comes with a nice DIY twist which really impressed our little assistant. She required a little help with the instructions as you have to mix different liquids in separate dishes, but ended up having a lot of fun. The set comes with four packets, a little mixing cup, spoon and squeezy octopus dropper. The soda-flavored “octopus eggs” are a real treat and when mixed with the fizzy candy that is also included makes for a really nice dessert.

Sweet Cupcake Purse

Another item that really appealed to our little assistant is the sweet cupcake purse. It is made from artificial leather and has a zipper as well as a key chain. The cupcake design is really cute and the purse is just the right size to keep all your coins together. Our little assistant liked this purse so much she is already putting it to good use saving up coins for her next Kawaii Box!

Popsicle Plush Charm

Plush charms are always great to make a key chain, bag or even wallet more kawaii and this month’s Kawaii Box features a lovely Popsicle style one. Our little assistant loved how soft this charm is and its smiling face is definitely very cute.

Kawaii Rings Set

Our little assistant is a big fan of kawaii rings and you can’t get much cuter than the set included with this month’s Kawaii Box. The packet includes seven pink plastic rings decorated with cute designs like flowers and animals. Judging by the back of the packet you can pick your favorite design for each day of the week or do what our little assistant did and rock the whole set at once. Although the rings fit her fingers perfectly it might be a tight fit for older kawaii fans.

Diamond Sparkle Gel Ink Pen

The September 2016 Kawaii Box contains a lot of items aimed at making school or work a little more glamorous, but this ink pen might just be the best. Not only is it a really nice gel ink pen, but it is decorated with a very large and very cute diamond on the cap. The pen uses black gel ink and is actually very nice to write with. Of course our little assistant is convinced that the pen is actually a princess scepter masquerading as a writing instrument, so who are we to argue.

Cellphone Bracelet Phone Bumper

With this next item you can either keep your phone safe, or wear it as a kawaii bracelet. It is made from flexible silicone and for extra kawaiiness comes with a cute design on top. Ours had a nice hair bow, but it looks like there are also crown and cute ear variations. When placed on a phone it offers protection from bumps and knocks. Best of all, this phone bumper has openings for the charger and earphone jack, so you don’t have to take it off all the time.

Kiss Me Lipstick Eraser

This Kiss Me Lipstick Eraser looks so realistic that it took a while for our little helper to discover that it isn’t a real cosmetic product. This eraser is available in four different colors and we received the pink variety. In addition to being very cute, this eraser actually does a good job of erasing as well, so it makes for a great addition to any kawaii stationary you may already have.

Cute Animal Letter Set

With this cute animal letter set you can put the gel ink pen that is also included in the box to good use. With emails and text messages being so common nowadays it makes handwritten letters so much more special. So if you really want to surprise someone special with a kawaii letter you can’t go wrong with the letter papers and envelopes in this set.

Yum Food Stickers

It is always great to receive stickers and this month’s Kawaii Box features a sheet with all kinds of delicious foods. Our little assistant wasted no time in creating her own yummy scene with these puffy stickers. The sheet we received featured a decent amount of stickers in all kinds of designs, such as burgers, pizzas, French fries, hotdogs and many others.

Harajuku Keychain

As much as she loves the Popsicle plush charm, this pastel Harajuku keychain impressed our little assistant even more. The charm has a keychain and hoop, so it can be attached with ease to your bag or keys. The ice cream on this keychain looks good enough to eat and will increase the cuteness factor of anything that you attach it to.

Sunglasses Hairpin

Last, but definitely not the least, we pulled this beautiful hair accessory out of the box. It is a kawaii little hair clip that is designed to look like a small pair of sunglasses. The glasses are adorned with polka stripes and cute little flowers for that extra kawaii touch. Our little assistant was very impressed with the color and design of this hairpin and it is sure to become a regular part of her wardrobe.

Kawaii Box definitely delivered on their promise this month and there is enough included in this box to make everybody very happy. The standout items for us were the Harajuku keychain, diamond sparkle gel ink pen and DIY candy set, but there was really nothing in the box that didn’t impress our little assistant. You don’t just have to take our word for it either. Kawaii Box has been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for one of their boxes, so use the competition widget below for a chance to get your hands on one.


  1. Nico October 17, 2016

    Wow now this is really cute. And your little assistant is so helpful as well. Well done!

    • GAMERamble October 17, 2016

      Thank you. Don’t forget to take part in the giveaway and help spread the word!

  2. SyliaS October 18, 2016

    Kawaii box and even cuter assistant <3

  3. gina travers October 29, 2016

    awesome love the items.sweet assistant.this is perfect for little ones.wish they had subscription boxes when my girls were little.but now they r teens and love them now.if i win i will be giving it to them. thank u keep on posting

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