Last Soul First Look Video

Last Soul First Look Video

Last Soul by Wulum is a 2D pixel-art, platformer that invites players to join a small hero named Bop on its quest to help humankind. The game will be released in Spring 2022, but a free prologue is already available on Steam with two levels to try out. In our first look video, we take control of Bop and shoot our way through the prologue. Head on over to Steam to try out the prologue yourself and wishlist the game if you are a fan of the genre.

  • Play as an AI robot tasked with saving humanity.
  • Explore and fight your way through distinct regions, each with a variety of levels
  • Enjoy the amazing PixelArt graphic and an immersive music style mix between TRON Legacy and Star Wars.
  • Evolve your character through stages of progression, unlocking new and more powerful weapons and abilities.
  • Master a suite of powers, including bullet time, jet pack, and shields.
  • Take on awesome boss enemies, or die trying.
  • Make your best speedrunner time and show off on the leaderboard
  • Discover Easter Eggs, boost your points, and get a totally different skin from the rest

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  1. T.R.E.Y March 29, 2021

    I tried out the prolog and struggled somewhat with the keyboard controls. Free aim and shoot with the mouse would have woorked better I think. Apart from that I liked it.

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