Pre-Orders for The Menagerie by Lupiesoft Now Available On MangaGamer

Pre-Orders for The Menagerie by Lupiesoft Now Available On MangaGamer

The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude from English developer Lupiesoft was recently released to a positive reception on Steam and now they are back with a brand new release. It is titled The Menagerie, but don’t expect to see this one on Steam anytime soon as it is the first 18+ title from Lupiesoft. Instead, the game is now available for pre-orders on MangaGamer.

The Menagerie features a look at “The Sail” which is a prominent landmark in the desert city of Alabast. What makes this area so special is that it is where the wealthy high-class nobles of the city live in utter extravagance. The protagonist of this eroge tale is Rao-ji, who is a fiore (aka a hermaphrodite or “futanari”). She is also a Drachene, but doesn’t know much about her people or lands since she was found as an egg and brought to the city.

The story will follow the adventures of Rao-Ji within The Menagerie as she meets and interacts with the cast of strange characters. It is not every day that we see western developers release adult visual novels, so it is great to see MangaGamer adding this to their catalog. The Menagerie features a very distinct, not to mention explicit, visual style and a unique cast of characters. The game is set to release on September 18, 2015 for $15.95, but can be pre-ordered right now with a 10% discount. Anyone not sure if the yuri, futanari and bondage action between elves, monster-girls and more will be to their liking should check out the trial version of the game first.

Head on over to the MangaGamer website to view more details about the game as well as the video and artwork, but take care as it is very NSF!

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