Metamorphosis Release Date Revealed

Metamorphosis Release Date Revealed

It seems like the wait for Metamorphosis, the narrative adventure inspired by Kafka’s curious imagination is almost over as the release date has been officially announced. The publisher, All in! Games revealed that Metamorphosis is set to release this summer on August 12, 2020. Metamorphosis will be available on PC from both Steam and GOG, as well as PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Xbox One owners can already preorder the game with a 10% discount while PC owners can take advantage of the free demo that is available up until August 5, 2020, on Steam. For those not yet familiar with Metamorphosis, it’s a game about a man named Gregor who ends up morphed into a tiny insect. Players will assist Gregor as he embarks on an adventure to unravel the mystery of his transformation. The first person perspective of Metamorphosis will ensure that players get a full view of the surrealist world of the game. They will also have access to the newfound abilities of Gregor, which will come in handy during his quest.

The bug’s perspective of the game won’t just be a visual gimmick either as players will also need to make full use of Gregor’s tiny body and sticky limbs. This might mean everything from climbing walls to doing some parkour while searching for clues and overcoming obstacles. We recommend giving the demo on Steam a try for a small taste of the full game and adding the game to your wishlist if you like it. Be sure to join the Discord server as well for more information.

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