New Bee Simulator Trailer Highlights The Co-Op Fun To Be Had

New Bee Simulator Trailer Highlights The Co-Op Fun To Be Had

Even with all of the quality titles on display at Gamescom, the new gameplay video for Bee Simulator by BIGBEN and VARSAV Game Studios caused quite a buzz. The trailer highlights the fact that players can expect to spend quality time with family or friends while enjoying the collaborative or competitive modes in the game.

Bee Simulator will allow players to see the world through the eyes of a bee and is set in a world that was inspired by the iconic Central Park in New York. Players will be able to step into the role of a pollinator bee who is part of a colony in one of the park’s trees. Unfortunately, this idyllic existence comes to an end the day when humans decide to cut down your tree. This is where players have to step up and take control of their bees to help the colony.

VARSAV Game Studios actually worked with beekeepers during the development of Bee Simulator, which means it’s going to be fun as well as informative. Bee Simulator is set to feature multiple game modes and players will get to explore a realistic open environment. The studio behind Bee Simulator has made it their focus to develop games that have a different perspective from other titles and judging by this game they are off to a great start. Check out the co-op gameplay trailer for Bee Simulator below and be sure to wishlist the game on Steam if you like what you see. In addition to launching on PC on 14 November 2019, Bee Simulator will also be released on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. For more information give BIGBEN and VARSAV Game Studio a follow on Twitter.

Update: Bigben has since announced that Bee Simulator, which will be available on November 14th, 2019 will be making its launch debut on the Epic Game store as part of an exclusive one-year-deal.

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  1. JrdPfr August 26, 2019

    And suddenly this and WRC 8 are Epic Game Store exclusives. I’m sorry but both these developers are dead to me now and their publisher will go to my ignore list on Steam. Very disappointed!

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