New Game Announced By Nerdook

New Game Announced By Nerdook

Ever since we discovered the delightful games by one-man development team Nerdook a few years ago we’ve been hooked. There’s just something about Nerdook titles that allows you to instantly jump in and have fun. It also helps that the games are usually packed with procedural content that keeps you coming back for more too. From Vertical Drop Heroes HD all the way back in 2014, to Reverse Crawl in 2015, and Monster Slayers in 2017 there hasn’t been a disappointing release by Nerdook. This is why we are quite excited by the recent announcement that a brand new Nerdook title will be coming out later this year.

Every Nerdook title usually has a unique twist and the upcoming game, titled The Magister, is certainly no exception. The game promises to be a card battling, murder-mystery, RPG, with procedural content of course. Players will get to roam the kingdom and investigate suspects who then has to be defeated psychologically using complex dialog choices. Things can also get out of hand, which results in fights on a turn-based tactical grid. Players step into the role of a Magister who has 15 days to solve the murder mystery of a fellow Magister. As with all Nerdook titles, there’s plenty of incentive for repeated playthroughs as every investigation offers a new experience. A late summer release for The Magister is planned, but the Steam store page is already up, so be sure to wishlist the game if you are interested.

For anyone not familiar with Nerdook now is the perfect opportunity to see what you have been missing out on. All three titles are now on sale at a massive discount, so be sure to complete your collection on either Steam or Nintendo Switch.

We’ll be sure to cover The Magister as soon as it is released, but in the meantime, all the previous Nerdook titles are also looking mighty tempting play again!

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