New Holy Purge Exorcist Map Releasing June 1, 2023

New Holy Purge Exorcist Map Releasing June 1, 2023

From battling menacing monsters in a medieval village to performing a terrifying exorcism in a modern house, Holy Purge has delivered some entertaining co-op scares since its release in 2022. Along the way, Celeritas Games has also been hard at work polishing the gameplay and adding all kinds of new tweaks and features. Fans of the game don’t have too long to wait for a brand-new map either. The developers have announced that the brand new Bible Camp map will be released on the first of June 2023.

The new map is set in a remote bible camp lake cabin resort where players must confront possessed feral children and ravenous demons. Fortunately, they will have two powerful new weapons at their disposal to fight against the forces of darkness. First up is The Bible, a sacred artifact capable of temporary exorcism. Players can invoke the power of the bible to free the feral children from the clutches of the malevolent spirits that have overtaken them. However, this won’t be enough to save them as players must then also guide these rescued children to spiritual pulpits scattered throughout the area. In the process, players will have to recite sermons and face relentless opposition from the demons.

The other new weapon is The Orthodox Cross, which is a potent relic that requires patience along with a deep connection with the divine. However, its immense power can mean life or death, so it must be wielded wisely. Players can look forward to encountering various types of demons while exploring the new map, including ground runners, agile jumpers, and even formidable flying ones. These supernatural adversaries will take teamwork and a good strategy to defeat, so players are advised to gather some friends for the challenge.

Check out the teaser trailer for the new Bible Camp map below and be sure to wishlist Holy Purge Exorcist on Steam.


  1. Locklor May 23, 2023

    Hope you guys will be doing a co-op video on it

    • GAMERamble May 24, 2023

      We are long overdue for a co-op video! In the meantime we have an interview with Celeritas Games that will be up soon on the site, so be sure to check that out.

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