Oyatsubox – November 2016

Oyatsubox – November 2016

Do you have a sweet tooth and would like to treat your taste-buds to some delicious Japanese candy, snacks and drinks? If so, you are not going to want to miss out on Oyatsubox. It is a monthly subscription box from OyatsuCafe and, since they supply some of the leading supermarkets in the U.S and U.K with Japanese snack supplies straight from Japan, they know a thing or two about tasty treats. Oyatsubox is their premium treats box and comes with an assortment of between ten and 14 premium snacks as well as a Japanese Capsule Toy. Inside each box you’ll also find a postcard with details about all the items that are included for the month. We tucked into the Oyatsubox for November this month, so check out our thoughts below.

The Box

Some subscription services spend a lot of time and money on the box, which is nice, but ultimately a little pointless. The boxes inevitable get battered during shipping and unless it is really something special you are probably not going to keep it around in any case. This is why we like the plain and simple design of the Oyatsubox. It is a no thrill box that is designed to get your snacks to you in one piece, which it managed to accomplish for us despite traveling halfway across the world. Flipping open the box reveals a nice postcard, with information about the contents on the back. Our box also included an ingredient list for custom use, which is informative, but shouldn’t be used as a dietary/allergy guide. Everything in the box was neatly packed and while some of the chocolaty items ended up a little worse for wear due to the heat along the way the overall presentation was still great.

Kit-Kat Strawberry

The first thing we tried was the strawberry flavored Kit-Kat’s and they certainly did not disappoint. The large pack in this box contains 12 individually wrapped Kit-Kat’s, which is a good thing as a single large bar would have been devoured instantly. The Kit-Kat’s are all pink in color and has a delicious, sweet aftertaste. For a bite-sized treat these certainly hit the spot and were one of the highlights of this box.

Kit-Kat Green Tea

In addition to the large pack of strawberry flavored Kit-Kat’s, this Oyatsubox also included another pack that is green tea flavored. These are just as delicious as the strawberry flavored variety, but a bit more subtle, so they are great if you don’t like chocolate that is too sweet. These Kit-Kat’s are all green in color, which is pretty unique, but once you take your first bite it is hard to stop.

Pokémon Choco Wafer

Judging by the packaging, this Pokemon themed snack appears to tie-in with the Pokémon Sun and Moon games and not the mobile phone title. Inside the packet you’ll find some creamy milk chocolate that has been sandwiched between two cookie wafers. As an added bonus, each packet also contains a random silver foil Pokémon sticker (we received Magicarp.)

Joo C Banana

Next out of the box was a tube of delicious candy from the Japanese confectionery company, Kabaya. Popping it open revealed little round sweets that have a very tasty banana flavor. We guess that you are supposed to let these sweets melt in your mouth, but they are so delicious that we found ourselves crunching on them. The sweets consist of a type of hard sherbet Ramune and, like the rest of the treats in this box, it is hard to limit yourself to only one.

7-Stick Milk Cream

This snack offers exactly what it says on the packet, seven sticks of biscuit that are packed with a milk cream. Apparently these sticks are meant to be shared, but they are so delicious that you can easily devour the entire packet yourself before you know it.

FunniGummi 2

Although we are not really fans of bubble gum we will make an exception for these tasty treats. This set actually contains three different bubble gum sticks, each a different color and flavor. You can either munch on the lemon, strawberry or green apple sticks individually, or throw caution to the wind and combine them for something unique. While these sticks lost their flavor a little quickly for our liking, we certainly can’t complain about the great taste.

Shido Nakamura’s Tough Pepper

We were not familiar with Shido Nakamura, but it turns out that he is actually a renowned Kabuki actor. These potato chips were made in collaboration with him and definitely have a luxurious quality to them. Everything from the package to the actual chips looks top notch and they taste even better. Not only are these chips cooked three times in total, but they also contain special ingredients to give it a delicious pepper taste. Nakamura himself personally signed off on the final flavor and we have to say, the man has got good taste!

Black Thunder Flour

This is our first experience with the Black Thunder chocolate bar treat made by the Yuraku Confectionary Company. Even better, it is a special edition, which uses Japanese Soy Bean flour along with the usual dark cocoa, Japanese-style rice puffs and chocolate coating. The end result is a unique and very tasty treat that will appeal to all chocolate lovers.


Next up is another Ramune style candy treat, but this one has a fizz and a strong cola flavor. They are every bit as tasty as the banana flavored sweets that are also included in this box, but their fizzyness is really nice. Best of all, this pack contains three sweets, so you can share the great taste with others.

Roll Cake – Strawberry

Apparently these Roll Cakes are meant to be kids snacks, which would explain why it can be gobbled up in a bit or two. What it lacks in size it makes up for with taste though, as it has a very nice soft texture along with a creamy strawberry centre. This snack is made by Yaokin, one of the most famous Dagashi (affordable snack) makers in Japan.

Kumamon Gacha

Last, but certainly not the least, is the Gachapon for this month’s box. We got “Kumamon” who is the red-cheeked mascot that was created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture. Our Kumamon has a surprised expression on his face and makes as squeaking noise when his squishy head is pressed.

The Oyatsubox is available in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription plans, starting at $25.00 per month. This includes free shipping to anywhere in the world, which is really not a bad deal considering the quality and quantity of snacks you receive. This November box came packed with a nice selection of treats and we thoroughly enjoyed snacking on all of them. Head on over to the official website to place an order of your own, or give Oyatsu Cafe a follow on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

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