Sekai Project & Le:Code Bringing WABISABI To Steam

Sekai Project & Le:Code Bringing WABISABI To Steam

Sekai Project and Le:CODE recently announced that development is underway for a brand new visual novel titled WABISABI. It will be the first PC title for Le:CODE, who previously released their first title, Maid to Partita on Google Play as well as the Apple App store. WABISABI won’t just be their first PC release, but also their first title to be released in the West.

We don’t know much about WABISABI yet, except that it will feature character designs by Aoi Yun and the director is Yoshino Shinichi. Kashi Youhei is handling scenario writing duties and the music will be courtesy of Shimizu Junichi from CocoronoBeatEntertainment. The development for WABISABI is still in the early stages, but it is currently scheduled for a 2019 release.

We will be posting more news on WABISABI as it becomes available, but in the meantime don’t forget to follow Sekai Project on Twitter as well as Facebook. In addition to WABISABI they have a couple of other interesting visual novels that are scheduled for release this year, such as Serment – Contract With a Devil, Heart of The Woods, and Nanairo Reincarnation.

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