Squadron 51 Will Be Fighting Off Invaders In 2021

Squadron 51 Will Be Fighting Off Invaders In 2021

We are used to shoot ‘em ups, especially the science-fiction variety, being filled with eye-watering amounts of colors. Imagine then our surprise when we caught wind of Squadron 51, which promises to be a dynamic spaceship shooter that foregoes color completely. Instead, the game will be presented completely in glorious black and white with aesthetics that fans of 1950s cinema will instantly recognize.

Squadron 51 owes its unique look to the fact that it’s actually the result of a games development studio and film production company joining forces. Loomiarts studio and Fehorama Filmes from Brazil teamed up for the shooter, which will feature 2D gameplay combined with 3D environments. The theme also lends itself perfectly to cinematographic references and the game comes packed with some stylized full-motion video cinematics too.

Players will have to navigate 11 different levels while taking down hundreds of enemy ships as well as some demanding bosses. Squadron 51 will feature various scenarios that will take players through snowy mountain peaks and forest to city scenes and much more. Staying true to the genre, the game will also offer local co-op that will allow a friend to join in and help out at any time. Also, players will be able to earn points while playing, which can then be spent on weapons and special upgrades for their fighter planes.

One of the most unique aspects of the game aside from the stylish visuals is the live-action cutscenes. These were shot by a professional film crew and supervised by the co-creators of the project from Fehorama Filmes. We’ve been told that the final version of the game will have more than 50 cutscenes and a lot of care has been taken to make everything look like it came straight from an old sci-fi movie. The plot sounds like it came straight from a classic B-movie and involves aliens attempting to enslave humankind, which causes a group of daredevils to form a resistance.

WhisperGames, the publisher of Squadron 51 has announced that the game will launch in 2021, but it can already be wishlisted on Steam. In addition to the PC release, Squadron 51 will also be available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the gameplay-focused teaser trailer below and follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube for more information.

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