The 7 Most Shocking Esports Moments of All Time

The 7 Most Shocking Esports Moments of All Time

1. ZeRo vs. Nairo

In the Major League Finals of Smash 4 in 2015, viewers had the thrill of watching ZeRo and Nairo battle each other for game supremacy. Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios was continuing a fabulous winning streak that had been entered in the Guinness Book of Records. However, he had underestimated accounted for the determination of Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada Martínez. After one of the most fiercely contested matches, Nairo finally won the bout.

2. Split-Second Timing

Everyone loves the speed and spontaneity of Rocket League. In the Grand Final of the game’s Championship Series, there were just four seconds of play remaining, and NRG were hoping to score. Team Dignitas securely defended their goal and NRG were unable to break through. With one second left, the ball sped over the net and ricocheted in from jstn.

Rocket League by Psyonix

3. League of Legends Fight Back

At the Worlds 2017, Fnatic was experiencing a poor show combined with tensions between the players. In the group stage, Fnatic was deservedly trailing by 0-4. Suddenly, the team was securing amazing wins against teams such as Immortals. They reached 4-4 and looked as if they could actually win, but Royal Never Give Up proved to be an obstacle too far.

4. Hungrybox at EVO 16

The 2016 Smash Grand Final has achieved legendary status due to a fine performance from Juan Manuel “Hungrybox” DeBiedma. He forced Armada to play a second Best of Five, culminating in a head-to-head across the Pokemon Stadium. Hungrybox continued a relentless display and won the series by 3-2.

5. Street Fighter Success for Daigo

At 1-1, Daigo’s Ken and Justin’s Chun-Li were evenly matched. Near the end of the match, it appeared that Daigo was tiring, encouraging Justin to launch a decisive attack. Remarkably. Daigo repelled every hit and used the best of his skills to gain the victory.

DOTA 2 by Valve

6. Dota 2 International Final 2015

CDEC and Evil Geniuses were determined to fight for six million dollars. Evil Geniuses secured a 2-1 lead, but CDEc refused to be intimidated. Then Team EG plotted a combo that would silence their rivals for good. An Echo Slam was swiftly executed after an Ancient Apparition’s Ice Blast. EG’s team solidarity was rewarded with the Dota 2 prize.

7. Solo CS:GO Performance

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev of Natus Vincere is credited with leading his team to victory at IEM Cologne in 2021. His determined performances included incredibly fast reactions, great strategy, and four aces, earning him legendary CS:GO status. Check out the Valorant tournament schedule at to watch more shocking esports moments of all time.

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