The Oregon Trail Receives Free DLC On PC and Switch

The Oregon Trail Receives Free DLC On PC and Switch

Gameloft treated owners of The Oregon Trail on PC and the Nintendo Switch with a release of free DLC. The Cowboys and Critters DLC, which was previously exclusive to the Apple Arcade version, adds a ton of new stories and experiences for players to enjoy.

First up is a brand new journey, the Chisholm Trail, set in 1867 as the cattle industry boomed. Players get to embark on a cattle drive up north from Texas and see how many longhorns they can get to Kansas. In addition to a trio of real-life cowboys, the journey also features ten all-new locations ranging from San Antonio to Oklahoma and Kansas. New quests in the DLC include Forlorn Hope and Horse Creek Treaty and the addition of the “chuck wagon,” which is America’s first food truck. Also new is a new cook character class who comes equipped with the Spice Set as a starting item. Players who successfully complete the Chisholm Trail journey will be able to unlock enlisting cooks on other journeys too.

The Cowboys and Critters DLC also gives players the option to sit by the fire with Sarah Winnemucca as she shares stories from her own writings. In addition, as players visit storytelling campsites, they will get to listen to tales of fearsome critters from folklore. These include the venomous Hoop Snake, fierce Hodag, and fourteen other creepy creatures. Last but not least, the DLC will also add new achievements, pieces of artwork, and characters to the game.

Check out the video below to see the official trailer for the Cowboys and Critters DLC, then head to Steam or the Nintendo eShop to get it for free if you own the game.

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