Top 3 Best Mobile Puzzle Games To Help You Pass Time

Top 3 Best Mobile Puzzle Games To Help You Pass Time

You probably have a lot of time on your hands right now, mostly spent at home with very little to do. Thankfully, if you’re a gamer, then your life is easier to fill with entertainment than it is for other people. There are loads of exciting games out there on so many different consoles. Today, we’re going to bring you some gaming ideas that pretty much everyone can try. You don’t need a console for these, just a smartphone or tablet!

Are you looking to pass the time while challenging your brain? Here are the top puzzle games to try on your mobile device:

Brain Test

This is a really fun brain teaser game that gets you tied up in all sorts of knots. There are multiple puzzles to go through, and the sheer variety of options makes this a great test. Everything you see can potentially be part of the solution – including the menu text and buttons. Sometimes, you make your way through multiple levels with ease, then one comes along to stop you firmly in your tracks for at least half an hour! Brain Test is great if you like thinking outside the box; the only issue is that the adverts can be very intrusive. However, you can always pay to remove them, which is recommended.


If you like word-based games, then Wordscapes is a brilliant option for you. It combines two age-old ideas into one game: crosswords and platforms. You have to try and figure out the different words from a jumble of letters, then fit them into a crossword-type puzzle. It starts off easy but gets progressively more challenging. Again, you’ll fly through some levels and get hit with one that just boggles your brain. It gets to the point where you’re scouring the web for Wordscapes answers just to help you progress. If you like word searches or crosswords, then this game is perfect for you. It works well on any mobile device but is perhaps best on a tablet.


This is another puzzle game that’s very much focused on brain training. There are lots of unique puzzles in this app that are designed to test your cognitive abilities. It’s free to download, but there are in-app purchases available as well. This is perhaps the most challenging of the games on this list, but that just makes it more rewarding. The unique thing about Peak is that the puzzles have been developed by neuroscientists! As such, they are specifically designed to train your brain and improve your cognitive skills. So, you’re basically learning and developing your skills while you pass the time. Perhaps the best feature of this game is that it tracks your progress and shows you how far you’ve come. This lets you see if you’re improving or not!

Puzzle games are excellent boredom busters for anyone with too much time on their hands. All of these games are free to download, though you have the option to pay to get rid of ads as well. Feel free to try them all out if you want to test your mind while relaxing at home.


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    looks like fun, will give them a try.

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