TriTrie Games Unveils Behind The Scenes Trailer for Jessika

TriTrie Games Unveils Behind The Scenes Trailer for Jessika

If anyone told us back in the nineties that FMV games would be making a comeback more than 20 years later we would have been shocked. However, here we are and not only has the FMV genre resurfaced, but it actually boasts a couple of really good releases. The latest title to join their ranks is the upcoming Jessika by publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer TriTrieGames.

Jessika will see players investigating the apparent suicide of the titular character at the behest of her father. Apparently, he is not convinced that her untimely death was the textbook suicide that it looked like. The find out the truth players will need to dig through the extensive digital footprint of Jessika where they might find clues and keywords.

TriTrie has unveiled a new behind-the-scenes trailer for Jessika where they discuss their inspiration for the game as well as why they chose the FMV format to tell the story. According to Pierre Schlömp, Game Designer for Jessika, one of his main motivations for working on the project was the lack of serious topics being discussed in games in comparison to movies. Check out the video below for more information and they find out how the development process influenced the team working on the game.

Jessika will be released on August 25, 2020, on Steam at a retail price of $12.49 USD. The game will be playable on Windows, Steam OS, Mac, as well as Linux. A demo version of the game is also already available for anyone interested in an early look. For more information, be sure to follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and join the official Discord server.

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