Wonder Parade Announced For Nintendo Switch And PC

Wonder Parade Announced For Nintendo Switch And PC

Mobile gamers might already be familiar with Wonder Parade, the rhythm game by Studio Quare. The game was released for mobile devices back in 2017, which means it will be celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary at the end of August, 2019. To celebrate this milestone, the mobile version of the game will receive an update as well as a 50% discount on August 31st, 2019. However, the real exciting news is that Nintendo Switch and PC owners will soon be able to join in on the fun as well.

For those not familiar with Wonder Parade, it is a rhythm game that features a cute art style and a fairytale-like story mode. The stars of the game are a group of cute animals who live on a faraway fantastic planet. The adorable animals formed their own marching band and it is up to players to become their guide as they play their instruments while embarking on an unknown journey. To match the music, the stage themes also changes, which allows for plenty of variety. Speaking of the music, it is provided by composers with experience working for Sega, Konami, Taito as well as a number of other renowned Japanese companies.

As great as the mobile version of the game is, the PC and Nintendo Switch versions promises to be even better. Players can look forward to the usual challenges and achievements as well as a story mode, unlockable new characters and even brand new animations. The game is published by X.D. Network, Inc. who was also responsible for the release of Muse Dash on Steam recently.

The trailer for Wonder Parade was just unveiled, so check it out below and don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam. Fans can also give Studio Quare and X.D. Network a follow on Twitter for more information.

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