Bus Simulator 18 Is Just Around The Corner

Bus Simulator 18 Is Just Around The Corner

Simulator fans who have been counting down the days until the June 13 2018 release of Bus Simulator 18 has been treated to a new multiplayer trailer. While there is obviously still a lot to keep solo players happy, it is the ability to drive around the 5.8mi² of routes with up to three friends that has piqued our interest.

Bus Simulator 18 will offer players the opportunity to manage their own bus company and the multiplayer aspect will ensure that you don’t have to shoulder all the responsibilities yourself. The new synchronous multiplayer mode will definitely inject some excitement into the game and ensure that driving all the routes isn’t such a lonely experience. Players will be able to chat to each other in real-time while driving their buses synchronously. This means you’ll not only be able to see your friends driving around the city in real-time, but even catch a lift with one of them or swap buses and complete their route if you are so inclined. Of course, the game doesn’t end if some of your members have to step away either as you can simply continue on with whoever else is still playing or go at it alone. We also like the sound of being able to explore the gameworld on foot in search of sights and secrets. Considering the size of the Seaside Valley, the fictional European city where the game is set, this is something that could keep players busy for quite a while. The game will be powered by The Unreal Engine 4, so players can expect plenty of detail as well as improved simulation quality.

Some of the features that players have to look forward to from the game is eight buses from leading manufacturers, an updated progression system with a comprehensive management element, as well as plenty of modding options and Steam Workshop support. Don’t worry if driving a realistic bus sounds a bit daunting as in addition to the realistic mode the game also features a simplified mode for novices.

The recommended sales price for Bus Simulator 18 is 29.99 Euro, 34.99 USD, 26.99 GBP and, as mentioned earlier, it will be available on June 13 2018 in retail and digital stores. For more information, visit the official homepage or follow the game on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check out the trailer below and be sure to ad Bus Simulator 18 to your wishlist if you like what you see.

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