Innovation: Games that Superbly Expanded and Defied Gaming Tropes and Genres

Innovation: Games that Superbly Expanded and Defied Gaming Tropes and Genres

The world of gaming is tremendously vast and exciting these days, with a title out there for just about any preference and budget.

While many think of the biggest-selling games of each year such as your licensed sports games and the latest FPS, there are so many developers out there who have put their own unique spin on the common and established tropes of big-hit titles. This isn’t to say that these games are knockoffs – such a view couldn’t be further from the truth – as they actually expand what it means to be a game of that genre.

So, let’s dig into some of the tremendous releases which have toyed with the themes, tropes, and genres already established across gaming.

Bringing monster hunting to the PC

Pokémon established its own genre of monster-catching, battling, adventures a long time ago. Now comes in Temtem with its own unique take on the Pokémon formula, most notably weighing in as a PC-first title. The game is currently in early access but is already stuffed with monsters (known as Temtem), islands to explore, hours of campaign gameplay, and lots of multiplayer features in its fully online world – another way it distinguishes itself from the godfather of this genre.


Inventing new games for a classic platform

Casino gaming has been around for centuries, online casino gaming for decades, but live casino gaming online is still very new, and yet the most impactful game in this genre is the novel wheel spinner Dream Catcher. Almost all other live casino games on the platform derive from much-loved casino games, such as Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker or Lightning Roulette, but Dream Catcher utilizes the live gaming format of real-time play and the suspense that comes from a wheel spin to create one of the most popular live casino games in the world.

Bringing sports gaming into the real world, kind of

We’ve all seen the annual sports game releases from the likes of EA Sports and Take-Two, which effectively just keep the same gameplay but update the graphics and players a bit. So, one Finnish indie developer, Loren Lemcke, decided to go all-in on creating a new, exciting, and yet retro hockey game across all consoles and PC. Super Blood Hockey features instant play, challenges, and a franchise mode and might just be the most entertaining hockey game on the market. The M-rated game is as brutal as it is fun, from the potential deaths to buying prisoners to be on your team, to the punishment for failing your franchise.

Best described as the deranged creation of a mad mind

While almost every game draws something from somewhere else or conforms in some way to established game tropes and genres – even if they do reinvent or twist them in some way – Super Daryl Deluxe is truly unique. It’s a surreal game filled with crazy antics, unique graphics and designs, weak and superb attempts of comedy, and lots of bizarre action. It is described by the developers as an RPGvania game with lots of brawler-style combat, but even that doesn’t go the lengths required to attempt to define this uncanny creation.

It’s easy to get comfortable with the established order and the line of big-name releases but now and then, some developers will put together a game that is so creative that it defies what we thought we knew about gaming genres and tropes.

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  1. Gellmemory March 24, 2020

    Picked up Super Daryl Deluxe for 75% off. Incredible value for money.

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