World Premiere Trailer For Roguelike Hero Released

World Premiere Trailer For Roguelike Hero Released

Action fans who enjoy a good laugh should definitely be adding Roguelike Hero by Carrya. Tec. to their wishlists. Much to our delight, the game is heavily inspired by the style of Stephen “The King of Comedy” Chow, which caught our attention immediately. With Roguelike Hero, the developers set out to present an absurd and funny action experience with trolling mechanics.

The game will cast players in the role of a walk-on actor who is struggling to get a good role. Each stage of the game will also take place on an action movie set, with players squaring off against various enemies. Unlike typical action movie stars, players must make use of absurd and silly ways in which to complete the filming. With an arsenal that includes a fart counter move and spit attack, Roguelike Hero is definitely going to turn a few heads.

The world premiere trailer for Roguelike Hero was released today and offers a glimpse at some of the absurd situations that players will be faced with. Everything from the absurd mechanics to the hilarious animations in this game was designed to make players laugh, which is not an easy feat in an action game. The game also promises a unique comedy plot, so we are curious to see if they will be able to deliver. What we do know is that Roguelike hero will have a huge pool of enemies, plenty of items and gear to make each playthrough unique, and a large variety of bosses that are challenging as well as fun. The combat system is also designed to accommodate both button mashing as well as skilled gameplay.

Check out the trailer and screenshots for the game below and don’t forget to add it to your Steam wishlist. Roguelike Hero is set to release on PC, Playstation 4, as well as the Nintendo Switch.


  1. Splinteredninja July 19, 2019

    This looks like it is going to be a mountain of fun. Wishlisted!

  2. MKD3lta July 19, 2019

    There better be a area 51 level in the game haha

    • Splinteredninja July 19, 2019

      That would be dope, but then they have to give Dany Trejo a cameo in the game.

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