10tons Ltd Greenlight Roundup

10tons Ltd Greenlight Roundup

Fans of Crimsonland, originally released in 2003 before becoming available on Steam in revamped form last year, should be familiar with 10tons Ltd. This Finnish indie developer has released a string of titles after making their debut with the blood soaked shooter and managed to carve a niche for themselves in the casual games market.

The Steam version of Crimsonland scored a respectable 8.0 in our REVIEW and is still one of our favorite mindless shooters. More recently, their arcade/puzzle title Sparkle 2 gained enough Greenlight votes on Steam and was released. We are still enjoying its addictive orb matching gameplay and will publish the review soon, but can already wholeheartedly recommend the game. However, there are still two titles from this developer on Greenlight that can do with some support.

First up is “Tennis in the Face” which the developers describe as a physics based slapstick puzzle game. Starring Pete Pagassi, a former tennis star, you are tasked with saving the city from an evil energy drink corporation. This appears to be done through some furious tennis serves aimed at knocking out adversaries. Hitting the enemies requires you to bounce the ball around corners or over obstacles, but watching your adversaries tumble around like ragdolls when they are struck is worth it. The game also features explosive chain reactions that allows you to really unleash mayhem.

Tennis in the Face is already available on platforms such as Playstation 3, 4 and Vita, featuring more than 100 levels as well as bonus game modes. The developers are promising full controller support, Big Picture mode, achievements, leaderboards and trading cards for the Steam version. Check out the trailer below and then head over to the Steam Greenlight page to show your support.

Also still waiting to be Greenlit is King Oddball Ends The World. This quirky physics based puzzle title challenges you to end the world using boulders. The titular king is a giant disembodied head floating head and can fling boulders using his tongue. You simply need to press a button in order to release the boulder while it is swinging back and forth, hopefully wreaking havoc on the playing field in the process. Since it features single button gameplay, it sounds deceptively simple, but with more than 120 levels, there is plenty of challenging fun to be had.

As you usually have more targets than rocks the game definitely require some strategic thinking as well as good timing in order to succeed. For the Steam release the developers are promising achievements and trading cards as well as Big Picture mode and full controller support. To view the game in action, have a look at the trailer below and then go vote on the Steam Greenlight page if it looks like something you would enjoy.

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  1. Sohujistit June 4, 2015

    Played TitF a lot on Vita so I can vouch that it is good. Didn’t even know they wanted to bring it to Steam.

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