J-List News Roundup

J-List News Roundup

Anyone who is a fan of the visual novel genre should already be familiar with Steins;Gate, but those who have somehow managed to miss out on this amazing game should take note. J-List now has a “reduced price” version of this classic title, going by the name of Steins;Gate “The Best” Edition, for only $29.95. The download version also got a price drop to $29.95 and believe us it is worth every penny. For more information check out our review for then game and then visit J-List to snap up this time travelling epic.

Next up is a title called “If My Heart Had Wings” from MoeNovel which got a recent Steam release. While it is great to see more visual novels released on Steam this doesn’t mean that customers who purchased the game from J-List is left out in the cold. Not only have they reduced the price of the package edition, which is available from their site, but it will now also include a free Steam download key. Customers who already purchased the title through J-List can simply open a ticket through their support system to obtain a Steam key instead of having to repurchase the game through Steam. Check out the game on J-List for more information about this title.

The last bit of good news is that J-List is getting into the holiday spirit with a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale from now until the 2nd of December. With a discount of up to 18% on all products, including the two games mentioned above, this is a great opportunity to stock up on some unique goodies. We know that there is a huge Steam sale happening as well at the moment, but they definitely don’t have anime snacks, toys or other wacky stuff!


  1. Avox-XxX November 27, 2014

    “Anime Snacks?” This ought to be good, clicks link — “Crayon Shin-chan Butt Pudding” — Not disappointed.

  2. Phantom_Brave November 27, 2014

    I can’t seem to find the shipping cost anywhere on their site.

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