6 Reasons Why Virtual Pinball Machines Are Better

6 Reasons Why Virtual Pinball Machines Are Better

The resurgence in popularity of pinball has created a new market for virtual machines. These machines allow gamers to play digital recreations and mastered versions of classic games, and they can even be connected to your PC and other devices. Where vintage pinball machines are great collector’s items, virtual machines are perhaps a more practical way to preserve the games in history. Don’t let that stop you from investing in a real pinball machine as these are inherently cool, but there are some advantages to virtual machines.

1. Thousands of games in one machine

A digital pinball machine relies on software rather than hardware, so you can literally play thousands of games on them. This makes them great for gaming at home, you’ll have endless hours of entertainment. Even if you’re not a fan of virtual pinball machines, why not test out new games on one of these first, and then get them for your real machine? 

2. Cheaper than real pinball machines

The price of new pinball machines has skyrocketed in recent years due to increased popularity and advances in technology. Games alone can cost thousands. Virtual machines may set you back by a couple of grand but you’ll be paying for hi-definition, hi-resolution and hi-fidelity sound. Digital pinball machines are developed through software innovations rather than hardware which means fewer manufacturing costs. 

3. They are lightweight

Compared to real pinball machines they’re about 40kg lighter. Virtual machines also come with foldable backglass as the real ones do. This makes them easier to move around your house or game room.

4. They are digitally customizable

The best thing about virtual pinball machines is that you can rout components to a PC. You can replace parts such as the monitor, backglass, and sound system, as you can with a real machine but the difference is that you can connect these to the motherboard to control remotely. This improves game performance, energy consumption, and versatility. You can automate processes that would require laborious adjustments in real machines. 

5. You can integrate them with your smart home

Another thing is that once you’ve hooked up your virtual pinball machine you can control it from anywhere just like you do your electrics. Set up your virtual machine with your smart home and you can program it to shut down if the room gets too hot for example. This is not only a great safety feature but a more eco-friendly option. You’ll be able to control and therefore reduce energy consumption

6. You can play rare games

Some rarer games are near impossible to find and antique machines may go missing or suffer irreversible damage. With a virtual machine, you can play digital recreations of rare or lost games. Advances in technology allow them to be built with care and attention to be as close to the originals as possible. 

Virtual pinball machines allow these memories to be preserved in history and guarantee you can keep playing your favorite games for years to come.

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