Liven Up Your Weekend With Some Free iOS Games Courtesy of Rubicon

Liven Up Your Weekend With Some Free iOS Games Courtesy of Rubicon

Mobile gamers are in for a treat as Rubicon has made all their titles on the iOS App Store free for the weekend. The mobile catalogue of this BAFTA-nominated developer include titles such as The Great War Game series, Zombies: Dead in 20, Fruit Blitz, Combat Monsters and much more. In total, iPhone and iPad owners can grab more than twenty titles from the iOS App Store without spending a penny.

Asked what prompted this generosity, managing director Paul Johnson explained that it is all about visibility. “Sales are old hat these days, so we’ve decided to go one better and just give all our games away, totally free, for this weekend only…This is part experiment, part gamble for us and there’s simply no way to know until we try.”

Unfortunately for Android owners, the platform doesn’t allow developers to make paid apps temporarily free, but to compensate for this, Rubicon dropped the price of all their games to $0.99. With a catalogue that covers everything from zombie action to complex strategy, Rubicon has something for everyone, so don’t forget to grab yourself some games before the promotion ends on Monday 27th at 09:00 BST. The games are available from the iOS App store and Google Play. For more information about Rubicon check out their official website or Twitter.


  1. Jallagja October 25, 2014

    Why not drop the Android price down to $0.01 then if they can’t make it temp free? Seems a bit unfair that ios people get the best deal.

    • GAMERamble October 25, 2014

      As far as we know $0.99 is the lowest amount allowed by Google Play, so this might be out of the developers hands.

  2. Smokadome October 25, 2014

    Got them all thanks. Heard great things about the war games.

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