Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque Has Gone “Golden Master”

Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque Has Gone “Golden Master”

Great news for fans of bishōjo games as the tongue twisting Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque has gone “golden master” and is in the process of being duplicated. This means that genre devotees will soon be able to get their hands on the “Editio Perfecta” (perfect edition) of the game.

This adult oriented game is set in a magical world of Stella Mundo and stars a young wizard named Domino. As the youngest wizard to ever attain the rank of Archmage Domino sets out to study the treasure trove of magical knowledge that is to be found in the ancient Dark Tower. Standing between him and this lost magical knowledge however is the corrupt council of Archmagi. To make life more difficult for Domino they assign him the near impossible task of training two troublesome young students. Since this is a task that ordinarily takes decades Domino has his work cut out for him!

The game will allow you to manage the schedule of your pupils in order to teach them spells, boost their magical powers and send them on quests. Time is not on your side though, so you will have to choose your actions carefully. According to JAST USA no changes have been made from the original other than a complete English translation. As this is an 18+ with 100% uncensored content it is obviously aimed at mature adults only. Here’s a list of features that Littlewitch Romanesque packs:

  • Over 40 hours of story and gameplay.
  • Over 300 CGs by famed illustrator Oyari.
  • Great gameplay with many options and ways to interact with the game characters.
  • 100 spells to learn and 79 quests to complete.
  • 26 H-scenes with 12 different girls, including a fairy queen, a beautiful angel, and a cute elf.
  • 20 endings including bad ends, romantic ends, and non-romantic ends.
  • 4 extra scenarios included as part of the Editio Perfecta package, making this the definitive version of this fantastic game!

Collectors won’t want to miss out on the package edition of the game which comes in a large game box along with three pencil-board illustration cards featuring the stunning artwork of Oyari. Also included is a printed 16 page full color game manual. Of course, preordering this edition will also give you access to the 100% DRM free download edition, so you can get playing on the release date while you anxiously scan the post box for the physical goodies to arrive. The game is expected to ship before the end of 2014 so head over to J-List now (warning NSFW) to preorder your copy in order to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Otakumax November 13, 2014

    I s’pose the odds of JAST games making it to Steam are pretty slim.

    • Narosense November 13, 2014

      I think Mangagamer got some of their stuff on Steam by removing the H bits, but I don’t know about JAST. I would love to see Steinsgate on Steam but I hate it when games are censored.

  2. Narosense November 13, 2014

    Oyari Ashito is a master, looking forward to this game just to see more of his beautiful artwork.

  3. Arcvalkyerielord November 13, 2014

    Wait so the package and download bundle is the same is just the download bundle? Who in their right mind would opt for the former then? Or is the shipping that much? Nevertheless this does look rather neat but I’ll wait for a review. Too many of these games are just pointless sex scenes without any good story or gameplay and I dont have time for 40 hours of that.

  4. Limitbreaker94 November 13, 2014

    You had me at cute elf

  5. Sanji November 14, 2014

    This game is amazing. I played the original Japanese version way back in 2005. Girlish Grimoire was one of the games that I regularly cited as an example that we never get any of the *truly* good stuff in the US.

    Whereas Steins;Gate is known for its story and music, Grimoire is such a damn playable GAME. Yeah, there’s some of the usual visual novel elements but then there’s the magic lab. The magic lab is essentially a dice-rolling, spell-combining, score attack game and I stayed up all night long (more than once!) trying to figure out how to get the best scores while crafting new spells.

    Do you do anything in the magic lab other than unlock new spells and beat your previous high score? No, not really, but it’s damn fun anyway and there are plenty of gorgeous visual events to reward your accomplishments. Highly, highly recommended.

    • Renegadefire November 14, 2014

      Oh wow, thanks Sanji this game just went from “could be worth checking out” to must have in my books.

  6. Shaolinsoulsearcher November 14, 2014

    Its nice to see this one finally get the attention that it deserves!

  7. Shadowstepper November 14, 2014

    Should have come with a free pillow ;p

  8. Silmarilia November 14, 2014

    I hope to see more JAST releases that get this kind of treatment. Less nukige and more quality, content rich games.

  9. WKC_GONOIW November 15, 2014

    Please put this on Steam it looks better than most of the crap that get green lighted these days.

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