GameLark Pays Tribute To EarthBound With Tribute Album

GameLark Pays Tribute To EarthBound With Tribute Album

It’s hard to believe that so much time has already passed since the release of EarthBound, but the game is already celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The game hit North American shores in 1995 as the second title in the “Mother” series and was available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. To mark the occasion the GameLark music label has released a fun and upbeat tribute to the entire series titled Fuzzy Pickles. The album features nine tracks based on all the fan favorites from the Mother series.

Fuzzy Pickles is the work of GameLark producers and arrangers Ro Panuganti and Peter “Soundole” Smith. According to them it was a fantastic opportunity to put more charm, synthesizers, and quirkier arranging into their collection. This is certainly true with the styles on this album ranging from chiptune to jazzy and even some shredding metal. There’s even a smooth rendition of the wholesome vocal theme “Pollyanna” from the original Mother. It is truly a showcase of the diverse and unique  talents of GameLark’s musicians. 

Fuzzy Pickles is licensed and currently available on storefronts such as bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and deezer. The track listing for Fuzzy Pickles is as follows:

  1. Bein’ Friends (Mother)
  2. Twoson (EarthBound)
  3. Gentle Rain (Mother 3)
  4. Mother Earth (Mother)
  5. Pollyanna (Mother)
  6. Fate (Mother 3)
  7. You Call This a Utopia? (Mother 3)
  8. Fourside (EarthBound)
  9. Eight Melodies (Mother)

We’ve been listening to Fuzzy Pickles and GameLark not only picked a great selection of songs to cover, but also did a fantastic job in terms of quality. The album is a trip down memory lane for everyone who played the original games, but the tracks also stand up on their own. The upbeat tunes are sure to put a smile on the face of all music lovers. In fact, it’s impossible for us to pick any favorites on this album as all the tracks are really good.   
Be sure to follow GameLark on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud to find out more about their work. They are a community of artists who are united by their passion for video game music and a desire to create high-quality music for all to enjoy. Fuzzy Pickles is just the latest release in a stellar line-up that includes a tribute compilation of Kingdom Hearts arrangements called Hearts of Light and a tribute album to Chrono Trigger called At the End of Time.

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