Gunfire Reborn Reveals Update Roadmap of 2022-2023

Gunfire Reborn Reveals Update Roadmap of 2022-2023

Gunfire Reborn by Duoyi Games was released on Steam Early Acces in 2020, where it quickly saw sales exceeding one million copies. Combining a first-person shooter with rogue-lite and strategic RPG elements proved to be a big hit amongst players, and by the time Gunfire Reborn 1.0 left Early Access in November of 2021, its global sales exceeded two million copies. According to Duyoi Games, sales for the game currently exceed 2.5 million copies, but they still have plenty in store for both new and existing players.

The Update Roadmap for Gunfire Reborn has revealed that the game’s PC version will receive two paid DLCS in the summer of 2022 and the spring of 2023, along with a free update in the winter of 2022. Players can look forward to new heroes, new weapons, and new game modes through these updates. The team behind Gunfire Reborn is dedicated to improving the game’s content and ensuring that it continues to provide players with a varied experience.

For players not yet familiar with Gunfire Reborn, it is a first-person shooter with a low-poly art style and a diverse selection of heroes from which to choose. Players also have access to an extensive range of weapons and can play solo or team up with up to three other players in co-op. The game currently features six heroes, each with their own special skills and talents that can be upgraded by collecting Soul Essence. The upcoming DLCs will expand this roster and keep players coming back for even more.

For more information about Gunfire Reborn, be sure to visit the official website and give the official Twitter account a follow. The game is currently out on PC and mobile, while console ports are also scheduled for release later this year. Gunfire Reborn is also currently available at a 25% discount as part of the Steam sale until July 7, 2022.

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