Horizon Vanguard Original Game Soundtrack Composed by Coda Now Available

Horizon Vanguard Original Game Soundtrack Composed by Coda Now Available

If you are a fan of chiptune music then you should already be familiar with Ken Snyder aka coda. After making his mark on the demoscene and chiptune scene coda has gone on to work on projects that include Omega Strike, Grave Danger, Ancora, as well as remixes for high profile projects such as Fez, Shovel Knight, and Duke Nukem 3D. Not only does coda have a knack for creating catchy tunes, but he can do it in a variety of styles.

The latest game to feature music by coda is the fast-paced, arcade-style VR shoot-’em-up, Horizon Vanguard. The game sticks players on a high-speed hoverbike and then lets them loose in a variety of environments to blast enemies. According to coda the bright stylized low-poly graphics of the game brought him back to the ’32-bit generation of consoles. It was an era full of optimism and ambition, so he drew information from some of his favorite composers like Yousuke Yasui, Shinji Hosoe, and Jun Senoue for the tracks. Coda also opted to use authentic ’90s sample-based modules like the Roland JV-2080 and Korg M1 which he blended with his own broader palette of ’80s synth programming, chiptune elements, and modern shine. The result is a blend of retro rock, electronica, and jazz fusion that should be irresistible to any shmup fan.

Horizon Vanguard was released on Steam a while back and runs in both standard and VR modes, so a VR headset is not required to enjoy the game. The Original Game Soundtrack is available on bandcamp, Spotify, and a range of other music services or directly on Steam. For more information about coda give him a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud or check out his official website. Don’t forget to check out Scarlet Moon Records too as they have been releasing original game soundtracks like this one and unique arrangement albums since 2013.

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