How Online Slots Games Are Using Gamification in 2020

How Online Slots Games Are Using Gamification in 2020

Now more than ever, the online slots games business is enjoying immense popularity. It seems that players everywhere just can’t get enough of the exciting features and amazing themes of today’s titles.

Increasingly, we are hearing use of the word gamification around the online slots arena. This is basically the idea that slots are becoming more and more like video games you might find on an Xbox or Playstation than an online casino.

Essentially, you have more fun with gamification. That boring old game you used to see down the pub has been transformed into the adventure of a lifetime with amazing graphics, characters, and a soundtrack to boot! If this sounds exciting, you can discover top UK slots at

In this article, we will take a look at how online slots games are using gamification in 2020. From what the term means to why it is becoming so popular for slots games, we will cover all of this and much, much more besides.

Let’s get started by first of all taking a look at what exactly gamification means and how casinos are using it to keep players engaged.

What exactly is gamification?

The fancy name is actually a little deceiving in this case! Essentially, gamification just means using things usually found in video games to make casino games more exciting. This could be adding minigames into slots games or allowing players to immerse themselves in a poker game with other simulated players!

Online casinos use gamification to make their games more exciting to players. This means that you get a varied, thrilling experience rather than the same old slot games and table games! Variety, after all, is the spice of life!

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Why is gamification popular?

So, gamification is beloved by casino sites because it ensures variety. Yet the real question is; why do punters love it so much?

Basically, the reasons are the same. Gamification helps to make what are usually very simple games (spinning a slot machine reel, deciding to stick or twist) and makes them endlessly more exciting!

Whether by turning your game into a quest for ancient gold or taking you on a journey to see your favorite ever band perform live, slots games using gamification are more popular and thrilling than ever.

The addition of wilds, prizes, bonus rounds, and more help keep slots games and other casino titles truly exciting for players of all types.

Gamification is also seen in the use of communication technology at online casinos, with players now able to talk to each other through text or increasingly through their microphone! Now that is exciting!

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In the end, gamification is clearly the future of the online slots games industry. Whether you love to play classic fruit machine style games or more modern titles, online slots games are more exciting than ever before. Largely, this is down to increased gamification, happy playing!

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