ITORAH Releasing On Steam Later This Year

ITORAH Releasing On Steam Later This Year

A beautiful world filled with challenging platforming through diverse biomes await players as ITORAH is set for release on PC via Steam later this year. This genre-lending action-adventure title was recently announced by publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Grimbart Tales. The game will see players take control of the titular Itorah, who appears to be the last remaining human left in the land of Nahucan. However, the lush and verdant land is under threat from a deadly and mysterious plague, so it is up to Itorah to stop this threat and save Nahucan.

ITORAH is not entirely alone in her journey as she will meet a loveable and scrappy cast of characters during her journey. In addition to a colorful cast of quirky companions, Itorah also has a chatty and loudmouthed weapon. Her weapon serves as a guide to understanding events of the past, and Itorah will need all the help that she can get to succeed in her harrowing quest.

According to Assemble Entertainment CEO Stefan Marcinek, ITORAH is a game any player will feel instantly familiar with. He stated that it takes all the best elements of the 8- and 16-bit platforming days and the top-quality features that contemporary players expect. These are combined with a vibrant hand-crafted aesthetic as well as tight, fluid gameplay and a heartwarming story.

Creative Director and Co-Founder of Grimbart Tales, Arthur Bäcker, added that ITORAH is an absolute labor of love for the studio. It is the first game for the indie developers, and they are thrilled about its upcoming release. Bäcker said that the game was shaped by numerous memories that fascinated them as children. Their goal is to create similar experiences for future generations while passing on their passion for the fantastical.

The world of ITORAH was inspired by South and Central American landscapes and was hand-painted by the development team. The team also used more than 200 animations to bring Itorah and her amazing range of abilities to life. Along with hacking and slashing her way across the landscape, Itorah will also need to master the art of jumping and dodging for the progressively more challenging puzzles and platforming sections.

Check out the announcement trailer for ITORAH below, and be sure to wishlist the game ahead of its release later this year. We also recommended following Grimbart Tales on Twitter as well as Assemble Entertainment to stay up to date.

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