Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack PLUS Now Available On All Storefronts

Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack PLUS Now Available On All Storefronts

It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for original game soundtracks here at GAMERamble and this week we had a particularly interesting one to listen to courtesy of Scarlet Moon. The soundtrack is the Indivisible OST PLUS, which is a special album of unused, alternate, demo, and other tracks inspired by Indivisible, the beautiful RPG from Lab Zero. The tracks are by Hiroki Kikuta, who composed the Indivisible soundtrack and has a repertoire that includes music for Secret of Mana, Soul Caliber V, Koudelka, Shining Blade and much more.

The neat thing about this soundtrack is it features two more hours of Indivisible music, which perfectly complements the original score in the game. According to Jayson Napolitano, producer at Scarlet Moon Records, they knew that there would be plenty of unused and in-progress material due to the size of Indivisible’s score, but didn’t expect this much. We’ve listened to the album a few times now and it not only sounds great but also offers some nice insights into the creation of Indivisible’s soundtrack. This is due to the inclusion of a digital booklet that has track-by-track commentary in both English and Japanese. The original filenames for each track have also been maintained, which is another neat touch.

Hiroki Kikuta is a legend at what he does, so there’s nothing to fault about the music on this album. If you are a fan of his work, loved the game, or just enjoy good music, in general, you are going to enjoy this album. For this soundtrack, he made use of interesting instruments such as the veena, which sound great and give some of the songs a different feel. The album is even better if you are familiar with the tracks that were used in the game as many of the tracks on the album are different in some way. For example, the synthesized vocals on the track Ajna, compared to the version that ended up in the game with vocals by Rionos. There’s also the original version of Degenerate, which features a more prominent heavy-metal guitar as well as different versions of Esoterica that has a more melancholic vibe than the final version.

All in all, the Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack Plus features 31 tracks and the digital booklet is packed with behind the scenes information about all of them. The album is available now on storefronts, such as bandcamp and TIDAL, so give it a listen and support good music. Be sure to give Scarlet Moon a follow on Twitter too if you want to stay up to date with their release and visit their website for more information. Anyone curious about the game itself can check out the official Indivisible website.

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  1. Sp00kS April 29, 2020

    I have the original soundtrack on steam and it is massive.

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