New Content Added To Nightbanes Thanks To Free Update

New Content Added To Nightbanes Thanks To Free Update

A bit of good news for fans of the free to play collectible card game, Nightbanes, from Diviad and Headup Games. The game made its Steam debut a while back and impressed us with its great card artwork as well as fast paced, but strategic gameplay. Today the developers unveiled an update for the game which features plenty of brand new content.

Fans who have already battled their way through all the regions in the campaign mode can now check out a brand new region. Set in an abandoned industrial complex, this region allows players to square off against mutated monsters and demons from the plague plane. Players who have not yet reached this region can still benefit from the 90 new cards that have been added to the game. These include a brand new “Outbreak” starter deck as well as “Toxicity” boosters. Finally, the game now has a new raid location, the Darkcrawler cave, where players can take on three bosses.

The update is out now, so if you have the game installed you should have the new content already. Check out the card art below for a small sample of the new cards you can expect to face in the game. Nightbanes is free to play, so if you want a taste of the action simply head to the Steam store page and add it to your account. To see what we thought of the game check out our review HERE.

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