Nightbanes Hell On Earth Update Now Live

Nightbanes Hell On Earth Update Now Live

What better way to kick off a new month than with a brand new update for Nightbanes. Titled “Hell On Earth” the free update increases the content in this card game even further. Thanks to toxic vapors from the Abandoned Industrial Complex region, portals to a brand new region, called the Infernal Planes have opened. Alithia the Warlock Queen and her demons plan to use these portals to invade our world, so players must put an end to this in Quest mode.

Brand new Hell On Earth booster packs are also available for purchase in-game and thanks to the 30 Blood Rubies gift that comes with this update players can get their hands on two of these for free. The new card artwork is stellar as always as can be seen from the images showcased below.

Guild Raid fans are also catered for with McCloud Manor, where players can take on Cu sith, monster of the loch and Lady McCloud herself. Nightbanes is free to play, so head over to the Steam store to add it to your account and play. Anyone in need of further convincing before jumping in can check out our review HERE.

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  1. Borkedglork July 2, 2015

    Hooked on this game and loving the monthly updates but Im still stuck on the third level so Im not going to be seeing the new area anytime soon

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