New Time Limited Region For Nightbanes Along With New Quests, Creatures And More

New Time Limited Region For Nightbanes Along With New Quests, Creatures And More

Players who logged into the digital collectible card game, Nightbanes, recently will have discovered a brand new region waiting for them. Called “Field of the Dead” this Halloween themed area sees you squaring off against pumpkin monsters, bogeymen and other creatures.

The Field of the Dead is available from now until the 29th of June 2015 and can be accessed from the travel screen, provided you have at least completed Necrotic Shapeshifter I. The developers have hinted that this area will return on Halloween, but you can make the most of it now by performing quests, earning loot cards as well as building up your faction standing.

It’s not just the new region awaiting players, but also a brand new booster as well as starter pack that can be bought. Since everyone receives 30 Blood Rubies as a present when logging in, there is no excuse not to nab a “Harvest Moon” booster pack or two. Anyone that wants to splash out more on Blood Diamonds will be happy to hear that they will get 20 percent more of these for the duration of the Field.

The next big update that is planned for Nightbanes is the sixth region, titled the Infernal Planes as well as the beginning of the second season of PvP. For a few examples of what new cards to expect from this update, check out the artwork below. Players unfamiliar with Nightbanes can check out our review HERE and then head over to the Steam store to grab the game for free.

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  1. Borkedglork June 2, 2015

    I blame you guys for getting me hooked on this game!

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